People have pointed out I have emerald green eyes that change to a yellow. I have a pointed tongue and two sharp teeth. I can bite through anything except metal. I tend to hiss at people and I have a slender body that curves. People have said I look like a snake. That I have the fierce look in my face like one. No one knows that they're completely right. I am a snake.
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i just read this today, and in some ways i am similar, not like a reptile but like a bear or wolf, animals similar to them, i can tell how they feel by looking at them as well, I am glad to know there is someone with similar abilities as mine. I have been coming to accept my animal side and the more i do, the more i notice the change in me. If you want to see some change i suggest doing the same thing. Just some advice from an eager wolf to a wise snake. There is change going on this generation, and we are part of it.

that is amzing!!!! im a mutant like yall

That is amazing! It makes you special and unique!
What makes you think you're a snake though? I wish I could relate to an animal as well!

Well, I like dark and cold places. I have always felt a connection with snakes. My reflexes are fast. I seem to know what snakes are thinking just by looking at them.

That's amazing!
Do you know why you're like that?
It's probably a gift!

Maybe. I've been like this since I was small

I see! I think it's totally awesome!

you're like a parseltongue! Not quite, but still, it sounds really cool

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wow do you have some affinity wit snakes?

Yeah I do

CAN you speak or training snakes?

I won't say I speak but I can understand how they are feeling. I look into their eyes and just know what they say