I Am A Mutant?

A couple of years ago, I discovered that I was half wolf, I have very wolfish senses, like I can hear and smell very good, I growl when I'm angry, and bite people whenever they attack me. I also howl at the moon. Later, I discovered that I was a wolf-therian. that's why I have all those wolf 'things'. A few days ago I discovered that I have 2 therian types( phenotypes) I wasn't only a wolf but I am a cat too! It's sounds weird a wolf and a cat but it is true! Another reason, why I think that I may be a Mutant, is: I was always able to detect lies, whenever people lie to me, I can feel it's a lie. I can see what kind of person, people are, like, are they nice or super arrogant, or mean to others, I cansee it to look at their eyes, face expressions and moves, that's the way I choose my friends. I have also dreams about the future, like, when I dream something, it happens in real a day or more later. I heal pretty quickly, the wound close really fast, but my scarfs won't go away. And I have very strong memories, sometimes when I come to a place, and I have bin there before, when I was 2 or 3. I can tell everything about that moment, what clothes did I wear on that day, what happened that day, if I was eating, what was I eating at that moment, with which people was I at that place, was our dog with us... Things like that, I can tell that, not always but most of the times. I am an H.S.P. (High Sensitive Person)`I can feel the emotions of another like, if I am happy and I am near someone who's sad I become sad too. And at night I see white lights in my room, and I see faces andd people in my room I don't know, and sometimes I hear voices, once I heared my mom calling me from downstairs, but she hadn't called me at all. I am also pretty strong for my length. I have some more things, but I think, I have wrote enough. I'm sorry if my english is bad , I'm Dutch. But I think you understand it, no mean comments, please. And I really want to know of I am a mutant or not. Thanks for reading

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im a mutie like yall accept my power is completely different we should talk my gmail is paintingirl@gmail.com

hi little wolf i find your abbilities realy nice but if i have to categorise it i would said that it's a tribal power

we are a mutant all genetically

no one cares about your genetic crap

Well, those things about being able to detect lies and personality's is kind of animal like, like you and me. And, those faces and voices you are seeing and hearing are spirits. They can be you're spirit guides , or just lost souls refusing to go on. Now, on to the dreams and memories. I am also that way, it's actually not that rare. But, to actually have a memory that vivid and exact is pretty talented.

thanks, it helped me =D

Glad to hear :D

Sorry it's way to long =/