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I know of a few other mutants around my town. My P.E. teacher has each strand of muscle amplified to make him stronger and withstand more physical stress. My sister is already mentioned earlier (she completely mastered invisibility, well, almost). My friend can vibrate to the point where he has disintegrated a rock before. His vibrations create friction which in turn creates fire. He can control it and can't be burned. His cloths arn't so lucky. I saw a random kid at school walk through a wall once. This is all I know. Please tell me all the mutants (or super humans) you know of. Thank you.
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I am a mutant, and I can tell you all of my gifts. They are for real. I can make a shield that protects me from all powers except physical. I am an empath. I can look deep into someone's eyes and make them fall over. I can talk to animals. I am a telepath. I can heal with my right hand. I can discern truth from lies. I have visions, and dreams that come true. Plus I can attract people to me. That's pretty much it for the most part.

Like my boyfriend is a werewolf, my friend emerald can see the future, I myself can talk to animals... read my story for more info.

I wish my friends were mutants like me

Luk i think i knw alot abt these thngs
i am wrkng on human super n psychic pwrs
n i hv buildd a grp of these p ple
u bliv it or nt u also hv pwrs
cntct me
: )]

We could talk here on E.P. I actually don't have a Facebook.