I get in the shower. A shampoo bottle comes right to me exactly when i need it. It falls off the shelf and slides across the shower floor right to me.  other things have came to me like that before. What is happening. What am i? What is going on.

Am i a mutant?

I forgot to say that when i woke up my feet were in the air and i couldnt put them down

Edit: Also my smell and hearing have improved-a lot. is this just in my head or could it be part of my mutation(Sorry if i used mutation wrongly. im not that great at descriptions)
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cool us a mutie


I know from personal experience that life is harder when no one knows. Tell those you trust the most. It will make life easier.

The only problem is the people i trust wont believe me, so i havent told anyone yet. its probably better if no one knows

If thing get too rough out there, then sow them. This is my advice.

ok thanks for the advice. If you dont mind me asking, are you mutant too? if you are whats your power?

um are you talking to me? (not trying to be rude. this is an honest question here)

I am defiantly a mutant. Out of energy I can create physical objects, burn things (they never light on fire), throw a small energy bomb, and make things move. I don't understand how the las one works because I have no control over it after it is in motion.

Woah! I never knew that creating physical things out of no where was even possible. Your powers are sooooo cool.

I am working on my talents.


Any advice for me on how to train? Im guess you have had your powers longer than I have had mine

Objects can be turned invisible? I probably sound like an idiot. Sorry I have only had my powers for a week.

My sister can bend light. Things can be turned invisible by bending the light around them.

cool. can she turn herself invisible as well?

I haven't seen her do it, but it is very possible. I honestly don't know how far her powers have progressed.

That is so cool. As you can probably guess, my powers= not so fantastic

Nothing new with the wings, but she has become pretty good at flying. My 'growth' is taking over. I usually just wear gloves in public when I face is all I can keep at bay with relative ease.

(sorry to interrupt your conversation but i have a question) does someone in your family have to be a mutant for you to be one?

Not that I know of. I do, however, believe that there were a few mutants further down the line in my family. What is the chances that me and my sister have powers if there wasn't a (stronger than random) influential source? P.S. If you have the statistics for that, I don't want to know.

I just wanted to know if any of my siblings had powers too. Or if my dad does. But i dont know how to tell if someone is a mutant.

I figured it would be recessive. I wish I knew why.

Maybe cause the Mayan Calender ended. Maybe the mayans meant the end of the human world and the beginning of the mutant world?

Im sorry, but I dont know what that it. (not joking or anthing)

That could be a reasonable cause.

That might be the cause

It could also be that there is a need for human evolution. A possible solution for environmental damage by outgrowing the need for factories and that stuff by trying to revert us back to a more animal state. Or the animal state is just the beginning, re-wiring us so we can take a different path in the future.

I didn't know evolution worked like that, but anythings possible

It's just a theory.

I've always wished that I had wings, I guess as a result of that, I keep having dreams where I do have wings

do you want wings, or do you just want to fly. i have always wanted to fly, so most of my dreams involve flying

I want wings, and then as a result, fly

You never know what will happen, cause anything is possible

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