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I just learned i am a mutant. now i dont know what to do. i have telekinesis but i dont know how to train myself. any advice will help. thanks :)

sorry forgot to say my powers are very weak. and im not sure how to control them. I also have some questions:

Are there really people who want to kill mutants

If so when will they start to hunt mutants

are there people who are like the x-men out there?

are mutants more evolved than humans? 

why am i a mutant. why was i chosen to be a mutant and not one of my friends or someone else?

thanks so much
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1: probably eventually.
2: once we give them a reason too.
3: not that I know of.
4: I'm pretty sure.
5: genetic fluke, as far as I can tell
I hope that this helped.

it did. Thanks :)

I know what it's like to feel afraid of what you can do(seeing as I can usually tell when something bad is gonna happen, which can be kinda frightening and I have no control over it) Just practice I think, and making sure that u control it and not it controlling u (u don't wanna end up like Jean from x-men)

Yea, I just got my powers, maybe less than a week ago. Im starting to gain more control over them.

(this totally doesn't relate to the subject) but Jean is my favorite x-men, along with wolverine. its kinda cool that we have the same power, but im not a telepath.

Thanks for the advice :)

Yeah, those two are probably my favorite as well. Although I feel sorry for Wolverine, cos he can't die, so he would stay young while his friends grew old and died

yea i feel sorry for him to-but he is still really cool

Telekinesis is hard to learn... People will kill anything different. I've tried training mine but unless there is strong emotion its pretty much very difficult. I am much better at reading minds.

Thanks for the Advice. Telekinesis comes pretty easily to me, except I cant move heavy things or levitate anything. :)

I crashed a bunch of chairs when I was mega pissed off....Other than that not even a pencil twitch....and i tried!

:) i bet crashing those chairs was kinda fun. I was mad one time and slammed a door closed. :)

oh yeah it was...I'm mostly psychic. More like influencing/reading minds than anything...slight telepathy but not as strong.


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