Gathering And A Mansion

In many stories and comments I have read, people talk about making a base and a learning institute for mutants (like the Xavier mansion). It is a hot topic, but no one seems to coordinate with others. I am dedicating this story for us as mutants to find a safe house for us and get a place for learning and training for our powers. My suggestion is to buy a house/mansion for us to gather. Lets face it, we all have powers and can build onto the house/mansion and add everything that we need together. Leave as many ideas as you can. My one favor I ask of you is that if you have a new idea to post, make a new comment instead of adding onto a string of comments. This will some what help with the general organization. Thank you.
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I have mansions, But I doubt anyone could go to the area of it. Not even me.

I think we should meet before we buy a mansion.

I was thinking more along the lines of we expand a large house into a mansion ourselves.

yes this is a good idea but most of us are teenagers as someone else has said before all we have to do for now is just keep it under the radar.

i can hotwire pick locks and do wireing

Not to sound mean love but u gather up a number of supernaturals like myself 'hunters' will kill you, you realize that right

You do realize that as long as society or as you say 'hunters' doesn't realize that it is a home for mutants, then we won't have a problem. Strength in numbers when you have powers is a huge advantage to any invaders besides home court advantage. Besides, it's not exactly like we're going to put up a big flashing sign saying "Any and all Mutants Come Here!"

I like the way you ended that:) but what if they find out:(

There going to find out eventually no matter what we do. Like Morph said, preplan. We might as well be prepared together instead of apart.

Well ok:)

Strength in numbers but hidden alone:/

I just don't think that you quite understand that mutants being reviled is simply inevitable. The mansion can have a cover like being for the gifted. A group is strong and can still be hidden.

I get it it would work for most but I like being alone I never quite get along well with others:(

I'm almost a complete loner, I get how it is. No one is going to force you to go and live there.

I know and I get it now

I actually overheard a group of people talking about trying to capture and kill a group of people who they thought had special powers

Fear of what could happen is a great motivator. (Are they all right?);(

And plus, we can use our powers to stop them from killing us. I for one will not use my power to harm other people, but if I could do my power at will, I would use it to protect myself and others like me

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You all might say i am crazy but i have a plan

Crazy is my middle name. What is it?

What about our families? What are we supposed to tell them? And also, we need (or, I need, at least) to find out if we're definitely mutants. I'm not trying to be mean, and most of you sound pretty sure that you are mutants, but I'm not sure if I'm one, and what if I go to the mansion or whatever, and I try to practise my power and it turns out that what I can do isn't even a power?

All I can say is that you need to evolve your powers. Pracice, meditate, do what ever you need to. Of it turns out that you arn't a mutant, then thanks for your support anyway.

I think that the only way to tell if you are a mutant if if you do something that most people cant. fro me i woke up and my feet were levitating. i was freaked out.

I guess most people can't tell that their sister is about to throw up, or that a little girl is about to fall off her pony (she was fine), but still. I'll try intentionally predicting something, cos right now it just randomly happens out of the blue

that how my power started-things were falling and moving when i walked in the room. you could try predicting what song will be on the radio next?

yeah, that's a good idea, i'll try doing that :)

hope it works :)

Going ok with the radio, although I don't listen to music ALL the time, so I don't know the names of certain songs, so it's kinda hard to predict which song is gonna be on, although I've managed to do it a couple of times(that sounded so wrong). Anyway, I've found that it's easier to predict things that I can see coming, like a football game for example, or if someone is going to fall off their horse (I horse ride). Events that I know are happening, then I can usually predict the outcome, although my 'power' doesn't always follow this rule. Anyway, I predicted that my sister would fall off her horse today, and what do you know, she did

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When are you going to start building this?

We would need a location and a general consensus among mutants at this page first.

ok let me know when you are going to start building. I want to help :)

And your powers will be very helpful.

well they wont be helpful now, but later when i can levitate things-then yes they will be helpful

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I think that is should be located In a good sized city. Not too large, because there are always more thing happening in those, and not too small, because a sudden burst of population would be odd. Also, if it is in a city, then we arn't making any unnecessary cut offs from society before it becomes necessary.

Ok I know I already posted a comment but I just got a really good idea so yea- we could have one "Xavier institute" in every continent. and then just get a good location for each of them, and find a way to contact people.

I think that's a good idea. but I don't if I'm a mutant, I mean, I believe I am, but my power compared to some of you guys' powers, is nothing. But if I am a mutant, then yeah, I'm all for the idea!

Powers tent to evolve. There is also different power levels of mutants.

Yea, there are different levels, im in the lower levels(right now any way)

You, i mean we, would need some way to locate where other mutants are, and we would need a good location. I hope that this will be a realality soon.

Telepaths. I think that we could use telepathy to spread the message at least through out the continent. Other countries can replicate this, but one house for that many mutants would be too much. I met a telepath once. She said that she could detect and contact other telepaths easier than others. As for the location, that is what I hope to be discussed in the comments.

When I said countries, I meant continent. Except Asia (which would have at least two) and Antarctica (which would have none).

telepaths at least for who i know and all aka well were im from me..... dont have much range.