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No one in my family thinks mutants are real. So how am i supposed to tell them? I have tried showing my sister but she thinks it is a magic trick, or wind (i have telekinesis for those who dont know that about me). How should I help them to believe me?
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When the time comes,they will automatically believe you,just improve your power more

For levitating, maybe simply practise picking up the object normally with your hands, (I don't know how exactly you do what you do, so it's hard to explain) and after you've done that, try imagining picking up the object, and maybe that will help you in picking the object using your powers. Obviously start with something small, and it'll probably take time, but eventually you'll be able to levitate objects

Thank you for this idea. I dont know why i didnt think of this. and i dont even know how i do it, i just do it. :)

well, I guess showing them what you can do would be the best way. I haven't told my parents either, though mine is a mental thing while yours is phyiscal, so it's much easier to hide mine. I don't know, you may come to regret trying to convince them (they may start thinking you're crazy or something, or they may come to accept it), I don't know. Maybe tell a friend? For all you know, one of your parents might be a mutant as well

yea i am going to show my sister tonight(and hopefully i can control my powers). I think my dad is a mutant but i dont know. Thanks for the advice.

If t you think that your dad is a mutant, then you might try to talk to him individually. When ever you do end up talking about mutants and your dad is around, try to see how he reacts. I wish I could help you more, but my sister has wings and I'm blue for crying out loud! My parents kind of had to believe us.

I tried talking to my little sis about it and even showed her my powers and this website, she thinks everyone on the website is faking including me. The reason i suspected my dad cause he has pointy ears(like me). and my hands, arms, legs, and feet can turn blue somtimes. well its more like they become really pale and my veins become more prominent. but people think its blue. i get plenty of comments on my ears, and even more on my skin(when it decides to turn bluish). It doesnt matter to me that your blue or that your sister has wings. youre still a person. :)

Maybe you should wait for your powers to progress a while longer. Then when they are stronger pull off a stunt like simply levitating the salt over to you what you want it during dinner. Just a suggestion. Thank you, too.

I will-as soon as i learn how to levitate things. :)

I never tell anyone about my gifts. The people on this sight are the only ones.

yea same here, i have tried but no one believes me

I have told my sister, but I don't think she takes it seriously, and I can't really 'show' her what I can do, so yeah. You guys are the only ones that I've told(and actually believe me) although I may have told my dog, she's my best friend and I know she'll keep a secret :)

yea i have told my sister showed her my power but still no belief. I wish i had a dog. :)

I find animals are the best kind of friends :)
I don't see how your sister can't believe you, like, what, does she think, that you, I don't know, tied a string to the object or something? Even if I wasn't a mutant (I'm pretty sure I am one now), I would still believe you

yea well she says it is just wind, and then she said just like how you "moved"(she did finger quotes here) the streamers and cabinets. Yea i love golden retrievers, they are just so cute and friendly.

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