Red Glow

So i have noticed that when using my powers- my skin acquires a reddish tint(or glow i guess), usually my skin is pale with a blueish tint(again or glow). My skin has always had this blueish tint, so dont worry i dont need to go to a doctor.

so i have noticed whenever i smell or hear something strange my skin turns this reddish color, whenever i use my telekinesis the same thing happens.

any idea why this happens? Is this just part of my mutation.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Part of your genetic mutation

maybe you'll become like that dude in x-men first class (the teleporter dude)

you mean Nightcrawler?

No, he means like th devil looking guy that only appeared in that movie.

oh, ok. im not thinking straight today. used my powers to close my laptop and that wore me out. I dont think i will look like him, cause my skin only appears red, i dont ever think i could teleport, and im a girl

I'm willing to bet that this is part of your mutation. Part of my mutation was turning into a blue lizard (not literally and I am still warm blooded).

Thanks for the help. :)