I don't actually have internet at my house so I am just using Teras's (Shog's) account to write my story. Basically about a year ago (Teras already had some powers) we were out in a field of mud and dirt near my house. I was having a blast and was behind a huge mound of dirt trying to construct a fort for us while Teras was out getting supplys to help with the construction. All I remember was becoming really excited and every thing shaking violently. I collapsed the structure and might have burnt a few pieces of wood. The next thing that I remember was Teras running over and supporting me. After I calmed down, I broke down. I felt like a total outcast and a freak. What really helped me was when he showed me that he was also a mutant. Several months later I was disintegrating rocks and lighting fires at will. I can't control fire that I didn't create and have no clue what might happen next. Thank you... I guess.
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I know the viliont shaking that happens to me too. But I haven't gotten to far with controlling fire yet. But I'm getting there so far I can control little things like candles but that's it.

It sounds like you have a really cool power. You are so lucky to know other mutants personally

thats the power you have,you have a great friend,practice more and you will be able to do what you can or i should say what you should

Wow! Your power sounds really cool! you're lucky, you have a friend who is also a mutant. Maybe with more practise, you'll be able to control any fire, not just the ones you created yourself. Anyway, your power sounds awesome!

Hey! That's awesome! I am a mutant too! Read my story if you want to.