Hi I'm Grace . I just found out I am a mutant. It's a strange feeling, let me tell you. I have a very weird ability. I can speak to animals and have retractable claws and fangs growing in.There, I said it . You know what makes things even weirder? My boyfriend is a werewolf. Yeah, you heard me. A real, true werewolf. Here's the kicker, my best friend can see the future. What a strange life right? I'm only 13, too! Please help me figure this out. Mutants rule!!!
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yeahh it doeess

Jeans5 you are so awesome, so what are your mutations?

Well, I can tell the future (which is getting quite annoying lately, as a couple on one of my favorite TV shows is looking like they'll get back together, but my power thing is telling me that it's not going to go well), and I can also 'will' things to happen.

I live in Sanger, Texas.

What state do u live in I'm in New Jersey I'd love to hang out with half bloods like myself:)

You're so lucky! Speaking to animals would be so cool! As far as I know, none of my friends or family are mutants, and I'm kinda scared to ask them because I'm pretty sure they think that mutants don't exist; I thought that too until recently(how wrong I was!). I'm a 15 year old girl, and not really into dating. so yeah, your power's so cool!

Your right...cats are the easiest.

seriously, your power is so cool. I've lost count of how many times I've looked at an animal, and wondered what they're thinking, or if my dog's barking, wondered what she was saying

Thanks! Please be my friend.

It is nice that you know people like you personally. I (unfortunatly) am not allowed to date. uggggg. and i got a back headache during school and my math book started shaking during class, almosted levitated. Mutants rule!

O.k. I will.

Your life isn't that strange. Just wait till you read about MY community!