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im a mutant (not like the x-men) because i have blue eyes and blonde hair lol.
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Isn't that really common?

according to a survey done in 2006 one in six people in the U.S.A has blue eyes

Then they're ******* stupid because I have 2 friends with blue eyes and like 20+ people at my school have them.

It was from 2006 which is 7 years ago no. So obviously the stats have changed. My dads side of the family all have blue eyes

Omg you're so special! Lol, not. -.- Seth, please quit trying to make blue eyes more complicated then they are. They have been alive longer than 2006. Obviously the stats have only gone up.

haha this story was a joke, but blue eyes are technically a genetic mutation, a really really really really really long time ago and I mean a really really really loooong time ago all humans had brown/black hair with black/brown eyes, since then humans have undergone numerous genetic mutations such as different hair color and eye color. blue eyes aren't that special anymore but they are less common than brown/black eyes. but the rarest color eyes in the world are gray.

You must get your information from Wikipedia.

nope haha

No offense or anything, but those mutations became more standardized among the human race. Have you read any of the stories here? P.S. blond hair and blue eyes were prmenent enough when Hitler wanted to create the perfect race, do how uncommon do you really think it is?

no offense was taken. never did I say in the story that it was rare or uncommon. blue eyes are more uncommon than brown/black but its not like there aren't millions of people with them. the point of the story was merely a joke by saying that I was a mutant for having blonde hair and blue eyes which are genetic mutations. technically if you have freckles you are a mutant, if you look at it EVERYONE is a mutant

Actually the most rare are violet. Then green and gray which are tied. Blue then brown being most common.

I have green eyes, sister brown and brothers blue. But she has a different dad. I am an oddity in my family and we are all native mix. (Sis mexican)

ive never heard of violet eyes before, and green and gray eyes aren't tied, ive seen numerous people with green eyes and ive never seen anyone with gray eyes

the rarest eye color is red, which is mostly found in albinos or with people that have blood leaking in their iris

Just because its like that in your area doesn't make it so. Gray is common here. And red technically is not a pigmentation. Its the lack of such.

gray eyes are more common in Europe, I live in the U.S so that could be so. my mom and her side of the family all have green eyes. red eye color is a pigmentation

I live in north carolina -_-

really? I also live in north Carolina and I have only seen like one person with gray eyes

lol my sister and I are the only blondes in our whole family everyone else has brown or black hair maybe we were switched at birth haha


nope black is still under debate weather or not its actually black or just a dark brown and red is the rarest

the eye color black, is the third rarest the rarest is red the second is violet

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Every mutation is special