Any Other Telekinetics Out There?

So i was wondering if there was any body else out there who had telekinesis. Cause i can move things, but not heavy things. If any one else out there has telekinesis. How do you train and do you have any advice for me? thanks :) also if i train for more than a halfhour at a time, i get a bad headache
mutantsrock mutantsrock 13-15, F 2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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I wish I was, but I'm not

ive only done it twice before. Some streamers and a corner of a paper. i channel my emotions, and imagine the molecules moving. :)

thanks for the advice. i am guessing you are also a telekinetic. I have moved streamers and paper and they are the easiest, not that there easy. I will try to imagine the molecules moving.