Unbelievable Mutant

I have several abilities that are REAL. They are not fake. I swear. One of them is I was born with the ability to heal with my right hand. That means I can touch someone and they will instantly heal. I can also hurt someone with just looking deep into their eyes. They literally fall down. My eyes change several different colors. I have empathy, which means that I can feel what everyone feels. Also, I can tell when someone is lying to me by being around them. It's almost like I can look through someone's soul. The eye hurting one has a few comments from people. They say that it's as if I am throwing daggers with my eyes. I would know. One of my former teachers said that to me. When I am angry, my speed doubles. So these are all things that I can do.
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I have an sp

An sp?

An sp is a split personality I call Iril that y my bullie nick name is half freak whenever I'm scared or angry I get stronger and amazing fighting skills

Ok. :) that's really awesome.

It is :D

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nice im an empath and can see peoples auras at night all of my senses sky rocket well my is vision still sucks but i can hear sense and smell really well i live by a highway and at night and can here the cars going over it and tell which is a truck and which is a car

Awesome! :) do you know how I can like work on these? I keep feinting from them.

well i used have a problem with my empath power because they got heightened by an emotion event so i used to pretty much meditate on them focusing on my source my heart the powers were still heighten but they were more easy to control it the hardest part was finding the source for u it could be disasterious what happens is that to find the source u focus on the parts of ur body 1 by one u try heightening ur powers within each area after that u try and manipulate the power by restraining it for a bit for me i made myself stop feeling others emotions then u heighten them i tryed to read theyre minds it should help u control it

Thank you for your helpful advice :)

no probs

I would like more friends like you. :)

me too im a loner at school

Well I will be your friend :)

*punches air* yes

Haha! :) will you be my friend?


Awesome! :)

I wish I had your power

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Always. :)

Good girl :o)

Ha I try. :)

You will succeed :o)

I hope so. :)

Have faith in yourself young one.

I will try. Confidence is the issue.

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I have CP and Autism. Feel free to add me

Ok. Will do.

Your power sounds so awesome!

Thank you! Want to friend me? Ill tell you more stuff I can do.

friend you with what???

Hahaha just kidding lol... I also have visions, and dreams that come true. I also have static electricity attraction. I swear that none of these are fake.

Ha cool! Do you have any powers?

Yay finally! Someone I can relate to.

I love my gifts! They do me much good!

I know sir! I've gotten around a lot of people like that. Most of the time they can't catch me in their traps. I already know they're coming. I use mine for nothing, but good.

All right sorry morph. :) I will remember that. I was just trying to show you respect that you deserve.

Haha glad to be released! :-) has anyone tried to steal your powers before?

My gifts seem to keep adding on as life goes on. I can literally use the static electricity stored in my body to electrocute someone also. Did that on accident.

I'll make sure of that morph! I have many more where that came from. Not to mention I was also born a werewolf.

I am practicing to do all I can for the good of the people! :-) diligence might as well be my middle name lol.

Will do. :)

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It sounds like you have a really cool power. You are so lucky

Thanks it's a bunch of different ones combined.