Something's Missing

For some reason which has never been explained by any doctor or dentist, I am missing three of my permanent teeth. You can't see when I smile, but it's the first molar on both sides on the top and on the left side on the bottom. They didn't rot or get knocked out or fail to grow in. They just simply were never there.

hadakarei hadakarei
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7 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I'm a mutant aswell I'm missing 5 teeth and have various other powers (see my post :) )

you are similar to hank McCoy from x-men first class (You have a mutation but it can be easily hidden)

If you are a mutant, you are about the prettiest mutant I have ever seen.

Oh that hardly makes you a mutant! :-) I am sure you look just lovely!

Duh, i thin he say u purty an smarte amhe lik u.

I'm sorry, I thought I was fluent in typo and netspeak, but apparently I have a lot to learn.....<br />
<br />
Or you do.

who love wit u they can,t see ur smile even that is neautiful or bad they just see ur heart wat u have in ur heart and they love wit u most of own lifes and do everything for u so mean a true never see u wat u are u.................understand girls and boys