IF Anyone Is a Mutant Its Me...

I read all of the experiences here so far and i don't mean to sound mean but its nothing compared to what i deal with. You guys wanna discuss being mutants well sit back and relax cuz you haven't seen mutant yet. I was born with a condition called SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY and basically what it does is hinder the motor skills and cause muscle deterioration. The condition is progressive meaning it gets worse with age and it is fatal. So basically i'm a sitting duck waiting to croak. As for my challenges well here goes: I am VERY thin/frail, I have severe scoliosis which causes me to have respiratory problems cuz my lungs aren't expanding the way they should which leaves me dependant on a ventillator. I have a trache in my neck, my shoulders are hunched up to my ears, i cannot sit up straight i lean to the side. My arms and legs are contracted and my left foot is deformed. my teeth potrude because my upper jaw grew out but my bottom jaw didn't and i cannot open my mouth wide. The worse thing about all of this is that i am hideous. As a female this isn't very helpful cuz men will not give u a second thought if you aren't attractive. So there you have it i am not only damaged goods but i'm ugly damaged goods! For years i kept wishing and praying to be like everyone else and wondering what is wrong with me...After i did some research on my condition and realized its caused by genetic mutation thats when it hit me...i can't be like everyone else because i'm a mutant. i then looked up synonyms for mutant and i saw monster, freak, deformed, unnatural. hey its fine if thats what i am then so be it right? However even though i am a mutant i still have human feelings, urges and desires like normal people and that frustrates me at times cuz normal people don't look at me like a human being. If i had a quarter for every stare, comment and question throughout my life i'd be richer than donald trump. My point in all of this is simple...if u dont have any of the problems like i do then you are not a mutant.
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guys a mutant is someone who has something different than others so even being double jointed or having a disease gives someone the right to be a mutant in fact every little thing different i have like a very VERY bizzare eye, half inny half outie everything makes me a mutant we are talking of other things like telekineses witch is a psycic so listen for ONCE!

Ur not a mutant mutant are people with special abilities u have a disorder

Maybe you are a mutant your spine is part of your power probley

Well mutant or not..I guess there nothing for you to feel bad or sorry about..its just that you were given a little faulty instrument to work with..you are as good and beautiful as anybody can be..just pity those guys who discriminate against you..cuz they may have a good instrument to work with..but they don't have it in them to use it..what's the use of giving a diamond to an ape..it will lick it and throw it at others..how ugly they are isn't visible to the naked eye..but they are rotten inside..and I guess its one of these apes who wrote the dictionary you looked up for the meaning..;)

eh depends on what ur point of veiw of mutant is.. ur not a mutant, ur a human being, I know someone with the same disorder, ur not alone. I was close to being born without the use of my legs, I have a hole in my back well actually, my tail bone at that, they managed to put me on a high calorie diet and it closed up, I was never supposed to walk ever, and now in my teen years (I'm actually 14) it might reopen and I'll lose the use of my legs, I don't know what I'd do though, I hope it doesnt happen.. but yes I agree with most everyone on here, your soul and spirit is what counts, **** those people who don't understand. your an amazing person.

You are beautiful the way you are, don't let anyone tell you different

*stands up and throws pitty flowers at the author* If you want "Sympathy" it is between s_h_i_t and syphillus in the dictionary!


If you've seen the Disney movie hunchback of notre dame you will know that even though he wasn't perfect on the outside he was more than perfect on the inside

I'm so sorry to you. I actually cried for you when I read this. Just know you are the most beautiful person I have ever met. Also I believe you to be the strongest person I ever met. I wish people could learn to think like you. One day I believe that you will find someone to see you for the beautiful angel you are. HUGS.

In Russia said that God loves "wrong" people. So, you sould know that God always with you.

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I'd like to say thank u from the botttom of my heart for your comments. I really appreciate how u took the time out to try to make me feel better that means a lot. I'd like to apologize for my tartyness I haven't been on this site in so long & I forgot I was a member. I went through my spam folder & that's when i saw emails notifying me about messages/ comments from here. I gotta change my email settings lol. I'll definitely pop in here more often and try to help anyway any anyone I can. Bless u guys.

One more thing. I agree whole-heartedly with Twilla. You ARE a beautiful person, even if you are less than perfect in the body. I'm a born-again Christian, and I was raised to believe that the body is just a shell, and the real person is their spirit. I find you very loveable, in the only way that matters.

You have my compassion and empathy. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, I was raped by a man when I was three, and sexually harassed by a teenage boy when I was still in elementary school (I'm a guy.) I'm not pooh-poohing you - I'm just saying I've been through some stuff, too, and I believe in the old saying, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."

Twilla is right. Beauty comes from the inside, and it doesn't matter how we look. You should try helping others with similar problems. Even if you can't take care of yourself, it doesn't matter. Let them know there are others with them, that they are not alone. All they need is words and wisdom, nothing more to help them.

Thank u very much i appreciate that. I am not sure if i can help others, i cant even take care of myself.

Mutant? I dont know But you sound like your a beautyfull person on the inside even though you may not be perfect on the outside. And you have the power of inspiration. Try reaching out and helping others who may have simular problems. Your in a great place to do that.