My Mutation.

Since the age of 14 i have developed charateristics that are dark. my senses of sight, smell and hearing are enhanced beyond human means. When angered a different side comes out. The Animal. That is why i chose this username. I can jump great heights and distances and have stronger bones than normal. Never once have had broken, sprained or fractured anything.

some added strength came with it too. this is my condition

theanimal theanimal
18-21, M
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you seem like you r a mutant trust me im a mutant to

im exeping the same i get in ceringle anryer and havein cered strangth

My friend, I'll have to disappoint you on this one. I know it might seem as some kind of a mutation at first, and it technically is, but not in the way you think it is. I have had the same 'symptons' as you since I was about 6 years old. It is merely that your brain produces a certain body in excess and when adrenaline rushes into you blood, the body your brain produces in large amounts rushes in with it. So, simply your adrenaline is enhanced and does things to your body that normal adrenaline is not able to do. But do not think of the other side as a blessing. Because if you let it, it will take control and then you surely will regret it.<br />
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