If You Are a Mutant Read This

i am a poor guy from croatia

a small country in southern europe

i don´t have internet

i am using my friend´s mail

from since i was borned i wanted to be special.

i had tryed magic,meditation,rituals,chemisttry..........

none of it had worked.

but now i realize

i am special more than you can imagine

i found a way to help you peoples

i can make you loose your mutations

or even rise it to ultimate level

if you want help send a mail to beowolf66@gmail.com

that is my friend who is helping me so i can help you

remember my name

my name is ranzar

beowolf66 beowolf66
5 Responses Jul 5, 2009

Does the enhancement really work?

I agree with you

my imagination sometimes come to life


i sent him an email

Actually, there's a historical figure I like from your part of the world: Nikola Tesla. <br />
<br />
Well, anyway, how can you enhance my powers?

Hi my names Jodie I can control air

i'm controling fire

i absorb vibration and use it to enhance my strength