I have a very diverse background. A greek father and a dominican mother. My dad's family is pure greek but my mothers family is from spain and england on both her mothers and fathers side. It's kind of nice to be mixed liek this cause it makes me different and it lets me be more open to other cultures. Its nice to be mixed. You just learn alot.

But at the same time it can kind of suck. I don't know alot of  my moms family and I don't really have many traditions with them because they are spread out and don't really tlk to eachother much because they we are all so far apart. Its like they lost a hold of thier family roots. And then my fathers greek half doesnt liek my mothers half because the religion and them themselves are different.

A downfall is that my family isnt super tight knit to thier roots. I always wanted to be apart of a family that like knows everything about themselves and meets up together and are really close and can be like i remember ur great great great great great great grandfather so and so and when he did this and that. I don't have that now...but I guess I'm blessed to be so diverse. Its what I was meant to be I guess.

Agama Agama
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2007