Third Time's the Charm

i'm addicted, yes... but i'm tryign not to have the same thing happen this tiem so i'm being a bit less obsessive, twice before i've had an intervention by parents friends and my boyfriend to delete my account, each time though i got a new one, and they say "if you don't get obsessed you can keep it" but hey it didn't work so good last time, so i'm lookign to keep the third sie running. BTW i LOVE makign new friends so hit me up --
maiaxxstar maiaxxstar
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

i was completely addicted to myself, and i still am, but i feel as though this site is taking over...dun dun dun. oh crazy internet.

well i too am abit of a myspace junky and i tried to add you but you have a private profile and an email/last name filter. so add me @