Cutlasses Only 36 - Shipboard Routine

Of course, the whole point of Cutlass was to enjoy the pleasures of sailing in the nude with great people. The rule was that no one, other than Customs officials and the like, was allowed to be clothed on board. Almost invariably, none of us even brought any clothes when we departed for a cruise (although we have improvised coverings from tablecloths if need en voyage).

In general, our goal was to enjoy life and ourselves free of clothes (those of you who have tried it know that doing alomst anything in the nude is more pleasant than doing it in clothes). Ordinarily, there was nothing exhibitionistic about Cutlass. The question arises of how we dealt with the clothed world. In most of the Caribbean, no one much cared. Consequently, we acted as would a clothed crew. After we were fortunate enough to have Kay and Dr. Rick join our group, we effectively acquired a base of operations in Captiva Island, Florida. The US is generally much more prudish than the Caribbean islands; and Lee County, Florida officially bans public nudity. Attitudes on the barrier islands are fairly "island-like." However, the area draws many fisherpeople and cruisers from the real South who believe that nudity is a mortal sin. Therefore, we tended to give everyone whom we did not know distance in "home waters."

Every rule has its exceptions, however. Shortly after our friend Gwen finished her freshman year at Northwestern, she came aboard Cutlass for a cruise (with the approval of her parents who had also sailed with us, albeit involuntarily at first). We took her down the Leeward Islands. After spending a few pleasant days in Orient Bay on the French (northern) part of St. Martin/St. Maarten, we left bound for Guadeloupe. As you may know, Phillipsburg on the Dutch southern side of the island is a customary stop for the large cruise ships which ply the Caribbean.

As we sailed south, first radar then visual observation on the horizon disclosed that our route would parallel that of a very large cruise ship departing Phillipsburg. Usually, we just "acted natural" when in view of a cruise ship. Nonetheless, my beautiful, intelligent, and very competent partner, Sally, does ocassionally have an exhibitionistic urge. We were all on deck as we came into easy view of the cruise ship. Sally was beside me. She reached down and started stroking my testicles, usually a sign the she wanted to make love. I took her hand and started below. She resisted and said, "no, on deck." I looked at her, "that ship?" "I know, I want them to see us." Ok, fine, although technically in Dutch Sint Maarten waters, we were very unlikely to get busted. I quickly checked that the autopilot did not have us on a converging course.

Sally led me to the bow by my **** and we began kissing and fondling. We were already discernable from the cruise ship. While I was starting to focus seriously on the great young lady whom I loved (and still do), I was a bit nervous about what she intended. Glancing around the deck, I noticed that Kay and Dr. Rick were also hugging and getting quite intimate. That was a relief of sorts, because Kay and Dr. Rick were (and are) both so physically perfect that I was confident the cuise ship passengers would watch them. Looking towards the stern, I gathered that Cara and Kim had also decided to have public sex.

Once I became quite hard and Sally was quite wet, I gently lowered her to the deck and entered her missionary. Glancing amidships, I noticed that Kay was riding Dr. Rick. My last thought of anything other than Sally was that we were only a few hundred yards tp the starboard of the cruise ship. Then I focused exclusively on the gorgeous, athletic redhead with whom I was copulating.

What seemed like an eternity in paradise later, Sally came quite loudly. I followed soon. My situational awareness was restored by a blast from the horn of the cruise ship. Apparently, whoever had the bridge understood what had just happened on our deck. I sat down on deck on my sweaty bare butt. Sally sat up, glistening and laughing. I started laughing too, and we hugged. After a few moments, we regained self-control and stood up. Looking amidships, we saw Kay and Dr. Rick, both flushed, sweaty, and grinning sheepishly. Cara and Kim were walking up from the stern with their arms around each others' waists. They too were flushed, sweaty, and giggling. As the six of us met on deck, we understood that alll three couples had just made love, intentionally, in full view of the thousands on board the Princess of Something-or-Other. All six of us broke out laughing. Then we noticed Gwen standing on deck, naked and alone.
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If you had planned this adventure it would not have been nearly so much fun, or memorable. Our best memories often involve spontaneous, unbridled mischief. Greatly enjoyed reading about your fun.

STONER...STONER....STONER.... *this is me doing the TOTAL rebels, revolt thingy bangin on my keyboard chanting your name.... trying to get a new story out of you!!* :D

AWESOME!! I constantly check for new "Cutlass" moments and this one was well worth the wait!! Now....I wanna read what Gwen had been up to while the rest of you guys played, "bunnies in Spring" for the cruisers!! :D Inquiring minds wanna know this stuff!