Cutlasses Only 37 - An Attempt At A Word Picture

As I have mentioned before, Cara is the expert diver among our number. I have certification but have nowhere near her experience or expertise. Gwen had joined our boat for the Summer and began pestering Cara to teach her scuba diving. After some time, Sally and Kay said that they would enjoy lessons also.

Cara and I discussed it and thought that the lessons would probably best be done in waters less crowded than those around Sanibel/Captiva. After getting dressed to go into Ft. Myers to rent gear for everyone (only Cara had scuba gear onboard), we decided to do an overnight sail to a point south of Marco Island. Cara would do the instruction and I would be available as a back up, so we felt we were operating safely. After some onboard instruction, Cara got Sally, Gwen, Kay, and herself into masks, tanks, and fins, and the four went over the side. I went in separately with my gear on.

We were in about 15-20 feet of water. Thinking that I could be more useful keeping an eye on all four, I dove several feet deeper that the four ladies. When I felt that I was in a good place, close enough to see and respond, but not in the way, I stopped and looked up. The afternoon sun provided excellent visibility. I will never forget the beauty of the four nude women suspened in the water above me. I have never seen anything as lovely, nor do I expect to.
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I thought you were going to talk about the pretty fishes!!!!

You're welcome....There....I had a TOTALLY serious face when I typed that too! <br />
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I can TOTALLY be all businesslike sometimes!! Right up until I crack myself up trying and get giggling again!! :D

Thank you.

Aww this gives an AWESOME bit of imagery....I've spent a lot of time in the water and can easily visualize 4 beautiful bodies above me gracefully moving while sun beams danced through the water making them look like a batch of magical nymphs setting about their mischief......<br />
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So well done Stoner...even when you don't really feel like it..You're soooo good!! Let's be honest.....You couldn't stumble with your writing if I ran out and tried to trip you with my jump rope!! I have one too....I was just using it with my dance class! :D