Cutlasses Only 46 - Setting Anchor?

After our last short group cruise, not much had gone on. Sally and I lived aboard Cutlass stark naked, which is a rather nice way to live with her.

Kate and Dr. Rick got a break from their newest innovation, which will save thousands of lives and makes them millions of dollars. We learned this in an empahtic way. Kate and Dr, Rick had, for a couple of years now, allowed Cutlass to anchor off on their Captiva "cottage," Sally and I had not seen either of them in a couple of months. One morning, we were anchored and having our coffee on deck al fresco when we noticed a swimmer. In a few moments, the swimmer became the stunning figure of a wet, naked Kate coming up the accomodation ladder. Being, correctly, confident that I think that she is the most beautiful and sexy woman alive, Sally was very welcoming to the second most desirable woman alive, nude on our deck.

After coffee and chat, we learned that Kate had not swum to Cutlass just for exercise. She emphatically wanted both of us to lunch with her and her husband and another couple at the Lazy Flamingo at Blind Pass tomorrow. It meant wearing clothes, but Sally and I would do most anything Kate asked.

The Lazy Flamingo at Blind Pass is basically a bar with good seafood. Sally and I were there first. Kate (attracting attention from every male in the room) and Dr. Rick showed up shortly thereafter with an older gentleman. After a good and reasonably priced lunch, we got to the point.

Unfortunately, the older gentleman's wife had liver cancer. The nearest good treatment for her was in Gainesville at UF Medical Center. They lived on North Captiva and could not do the several hundred mile commmute, especially since North Captiva has no land connection to the mainland. In other words, they were selling out to move to Gainesville near the wife's treatment. The question was: would Sally and I like to buy their place on North Captiva? We were assured that there was a place to anchor Cutlass that was ok with the Coast Guard and the Corps; and that no one cared if we lived nude on North Captiva.

A land base again? Jointly owned?  Would a place on the beach let Sally and I do the "From Here to Eternity" surf thing (with real coitus) regularly?
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

dont do it! once a salty sea dog its a pirates life for you! sailings the way, think of the boring bills and housework, home improvements - boring.

:D This cracked me right up and it.........totally holds water..come to think of it, in a real common sense sort of way!! :D

Actually, it was a lousy story. I've been very busy and distracted lately. All professional, not personal.

Sounds like a good idea to me!! If only for times when tricky storms blow in!!