Cutlasses Only 50 - Holiday Preparations

Although we enjoyed the diving exhibition which happened because Gwen and her friends were on break, Sally and I had no real plans for the Holiday Season. Then I got a call from Cara. She and Kim and her pilot friend were doing ok with their photo business. However, Cara had agreed to do shots of "Sanibel/Captiva Holidays." She wanted to cruise off the islands for at least an evening to get her shots. Since Cara owned part of the boat, all I could say was yes. Besides, Cara was a good person whom I'd known very well for a long time. She and Sally got along fine.

The story in this is that she started her work with helicopter shots, and invited us. Sally and I drove one of Kay's care to Paige Field in Ft. Myers, gave the right words, and got through the fence and direct to a hanger. Cara's friend's helicopter, a six passenger, was outside on the tarmac. Cara, nude, greeted us with "Get you clothes off!" Sally and I ******** there, and put our clothes in Kay's car. Then we joined Cara and Kim, naked, on the helicopter piloted by her clothed ex-Navy buddy. We spent about two hours flying over Ft. Myers and the barrier islands totally nude.  Sally and I had the pleasure of bringing each other to ****** looking down on the part of the Gulf we had both come to love.
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Now this sounds like it was a cranking FUN photo shoot!!