Cutlasses Only 55 - Did I Hear That?

The glow of Northwestern beating Mississippi State remains, but the warmer glow of Sarah and Gwen has chilled. At my age, you start to wonder, sometimes, if you hear what is said or what you wished for. This is an example which is still unclear.

Dr. Rick called me on January 3. He suggested that we lunch at Lazy Flamingo the next day. I always respond to the Doctor's requests, so I met him the next day, clothed, at the LF at Blind Pass. After a couple of beers, Dr. Rick said that he was leaving at the end of January to teach a six week Ricj in London. I commented that I thought Kay liked London and would enjoy that. Dr. Rick responded that Kay was not going with him to London because she had business here. Then, he added that "she will have a couple of free weeks. I know she'd like a cruise on Cutlass." I responded that, "I'm sure I can round up some others." "No," Dr. Rick said, "I think that she'd rather sail with you alone." Stunned, I stammered, "You're ok with that?' Dr. Rick smiled, and said "we both love her."
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hmmmmm.......It'll be interesting to see where this goes!