Cutlasses Only 56 - Another New Friend?

For a number of reasons, I have never been married. In truth, I am probably too self-absorbed to be a reasonable life partner. However, as you might expect of one my age, I have spent a great deal of time around married couples. While I mean no offense to anyone, it is more common than not to find that what one member of the couple says about something is very different from, if not completely opposite of, what the other member of the couple says separately on the same subject.

So it proved, albeit with ultimately very positive results, of my conversation with Dr. Rick. I must confess that I did, with some guilt, entertain thoughts of sailing alone for multiple weeks with a naked Kay, the beauty of whose personality is the only thing which exceeds the beauty of her face and body. It was with a bit of relief that I learned in a conversation with Kay shortly thereafter that we would be sailing for two or three weeks while Dr. Rick taught in England, but we would not be sailing alone. In her trips to the UK, Kay had become close friends with an English lady living in London named Laura. Kay knew that Laura was eager for a warm weather holiday, but could do better financially, and would likely more enjoy, something other than a cruise ship or high end Caribbean resort. Kay had invited Laura to sail with us on Cutlass, and Laura had agreed. Kay assured me that "Laura knows the rule and is ok with it."

In a way, I was relieved. I seriously doubt that my brief fantasies of sailing alone with Kay would have been realized anyway; but there was always that risk. I love Kay greatly, and admire the beauty of her mind and personality, as well as the beauty of her face, hair, back, forearms, feet, breasts, legs, and behind. However, to me, Kay is somewhat like a fine Waterford crystal: sturdy and perfectly useful, but clearly intended for hands less coarse than mine.

Laura was due into Southwest Florida International on a flight from London two days after Dr. Rick left. The plan was that Laura would stay a night or two with Kay in the island mansion to overcome jet lag and acclimate some to the semi-tropics. We would leave for at least a two week cruise when she was ready. I let Kay go to the airport alone to pick up Laura. That way, I did not have to dress. More importantly, it gave me time to do the cleaning, repairs, and maintenance necessary if we would be sailing for an more extended time outside US coastal waters.

I had just finished cleaning and reassembling the fuel system for our "iron wind" (the inboard motor) on Cutlass, when my cell rang with Kay saying that Laura was at Kay's place and would I please come ashore to introduce myself. I actually debated dressing, but decided that would be an introduction on false pretenses since I intended to stay nude for the entire trip and expected Laura to be nude too.

I took the zodiac onto the beach, and walked naked into Kay's and Dr. Rick's backyard. Waiting, clothed, with Kay was a redhead. Somewhat shorter than me. Younger than me, but apparently a few years older than Kay. Her face was not that of a fashion model, but it held your attention. Laura's face communicated intelligence, compassion, and warmth. A striking feature was her lips, which were full and, sorry, sexy. Laura was dressed in loose-fitting clothes, but the figure suggested a body that complimented the lips: fuller, sensuous, and sexy.

Laura was seemingly not put off at all by my nudity, but made no attempt to conceal her visual inspection of me. I suddenly hoped very much that she liked what she saw. Since it was warm enough, we sat down outside. Kay brought out glasses of wine, and we began discussing the sail: where they would like to go, the time involved, what to eat and drink, what to bring. Laura had the gift of actually listening until someone finished and then speaking understandably and to the point. Of course, like many American men, I am a soft touch for a female voice with an English accent; especially a voice speaking with intelligence coming from someone whom I was appreciating was, quietly, an extremely physically beautiful lady. Another bit a guilt hit me as I realized that I was looking forward to seeing Laura nude. Finally, I decided to address what might be called the "elephant in the yard." I asked Laura, "Kay has explained the rule about sailing on Cutlass?" Laura responded brightly, "yes. I understand that I am to be completely naked at all times and shall not bring anything aboard that I could use to cover myself. I'm looking forward to that." It sounds even better with the accent.
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I wonder what sort of Brit this character will turn out to be...... NUDE! British?..... lordly we dont even show our ankles..... All in all, an exciting twist!

Hopefully, she will expose more than just an ankle as she really is stunning. However, we'll have to see where it goes.

Well I guess the crew of this ship are rather persuasive!

Wow.... This is getting better and better! Laura sounds AWESOME! I love accents too! :)