I Am A Nanny...

I am a nanny of 3 little girls ages 9 and the twins 8. One of the twins has learning disabilities with a personality disorder. She's sometimes difficult to handle. I was wondering if anyone knew what I should do? The parents know about her misbehavior and her unwillingness to learn because she doesn't understand, but they don't push her on it. They let her run wild and care-free until someone else notices and gives them the ultimatum. How should I handle this?
And her older sister (the 9 year old) is very rude and manipulative. She tries to use us against each other (the parents and I). But fortunately the parents realize this and understand, so they try to punish her, but nothing is working. She is still consistently rude and continues to manipulate? Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks! aye18
Faye18 Faye18
May 16, 2012