Brought The Babies To My Dr. Appt.

I am a first time user of any forum. I have been a nanny for 6.5 years. My last two employers would suggest bringing kids to any Dr. Appt. to avoid having to take off of work. It didn't not bother me in the least and just accepted it as a part of my job. I started a new job about 5 months ago with a stay at home mom. A few days ago, hours after I arrived at work I started to feel extreme pain in my back side, so much so that I felt like fainting. I called a doctor who was willing to see me immediately so I packed up the two children who are under a year and left a note for the sleeping mother that informed her I had left an would be back soon. And call me on my cell if she needed anything.(side note: I am permitted to take children in car) I went to doctor and had to have a painful emergency in office procedure done under local anesthetic and would only take 10-15 minutes. So I agreed since I was in so much pain. I left the office with a note and arrived back at work to pick up the eldest son from school. I had told my employer why had happened and presented her with a note from the doctor. She then asked me why I had not woken her up and told her I said you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you, it wasn't a big deal I feel better now. She seemed ok when I left but hours later I got a text from her explaining that it was wrong of me to take the kids with me. And that if i ever had an emergency or needed to tke the day off it wasn't an issue at all and I should be afraid to ask.The children were not exposed to sick people and I was not driving under the influence of any pain medication. Only Advil :( but I said I understand and it will not happen again I was only trying to keep things running smoothly and not inconvenience her. I was after all "trained" to do so. I called her and the following work morning asking her nicely if I could take the day off due to the procedure (from which I had not excusing me from work) she text back hours later very rudely saying OMG I have have an appt. Dont even bother coming I have to handle this. Sensing her frustration I called to tell her I would come I just have to be careful. But she did not answer and text back I can't talk. I am busy. Do not come I'll handle this. So I just replied I'll be home and if anything changes and you need me call me, to which I received no response. I'm just very confused as to what she wants, I tried not to inconvenience her and sh got upset and said next time to just tell her and take the day off but when I did she got angry. I don't know why to do.
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Yikes! That sounds so painful! I do agree that while you seem like you were trying to be responsible and keep everything running smoothly, I do side with you MB about taking the babies to your procedure. To me, it's almost like you can't win either way in this situation. You take the kids without waking up mom first, that's frowned upon. You wake up mom first, that's rude and not exactly doing your job. I personally would've waited at least until the mom woke up and explained the situation to her. What if it had been more serious? I understand it wasn't but what if it was? She does sound very immature with the way shes acting after you've gone home and the next day. I would sit down with her and explain that you understand where she's coming from and apologize and just kinda talk about mutual frustrations you may have. Sorry. None of this sounds any fun at all! Good luck!

you should ask Trinny
shes great at this kinda thing lol I never come on this sit cuz noone ever writes back Trinny does and she gives great advice check her out sorry not trying to spam just trying to help.

She sounds stressed, but dont take it personally. As a Mum her children come first and she also has pressures and deadlines but she would rather deal with those stresses herself than put the children in possible danger I think...

I hope you're feeling lots better, it sounds so painful! Im sure I would have done what you did if I was in the same's a shame she was angry and not more's not your fault you got sick after all.(hugs)

Thanks for the reply but I just want to say that the children are my priority as well and I was not put under gereral anesthesia I was given locals, and the doctors office is a colorectal surgeon :( ouch so the children were not exposed to any sick patients just broken tushies

Ouch! I believe you and I would have done the same in your position. She does sound like a difficult employer.

Maybe find someone else to work for...she seems moody. If it was me i would understand if you were injured.