I'm A Nanny And Need Other Nanny's Help!!

I posted a question on EP about a family I nanny for. I'm desperate for advice. I nanny seven young children, ages range from 4 months - 9 years old. 6 out of the 7 kids are sooooo easy. The 20 month old, however, isn't. She throws violent tantrums whenever I try to change her. She kicks, and screams and bites me. She'll even hoist her dirty diaper all the way up to make sure I cannot take it off. I want to be able to spend my time with all the children I nanny, not just the one. I also, find myself arguing with a 20 month old. Which cannot happen.

I also have an issue with nap time/ bed time. She wants to play with the big kids, which I totally get. But when I send the big kids outside she acts like i'm trying to murder her. She'll cry so hard she can't breathe, and that stresses me out.

What tools can I use to stop this? I'm not her parent, only the nanny and I don't want then parents to have to come home to a cranky, over tired poopy pants 20 month old.

Please help as soon as possible
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Thank you all for your responses! I literally just grabbed her diaper and said "Rosa can I change you?" And she led me into the bathroom to change her. My issue was I wasn't doing it in there designated diaper spot. As far as bed time I asked her if she wanted to watch Spongebob with her blanket and she passed right out.

you should ask Trinny
shes great at this kinda thing lol I never come on this sit cuz noone ever writes back Trinny does and she gives great advice check her out sorry not trying to spam just trying to help.

She has to learn you are in charge. First does she rash easily? If not, do not change her when she fights you, add another diaper so it does not leak! Put her in the play pen, put a harness around her and attach it to the playpen so she cannot move.