Please Help! Nanny Pay/job Situation

I currently work for family and have been for almost 2 years now. When I got hired on, they offered a flat rate of 450 a week for their little girl. I agreed because it was told that even on days or weeks I'm off being because they were on vacation, I would get paid the same. But soon after I started. They didn't happen. I stood at this job because I do love this family but now that they are on their second baby and I've heard some other nannies pay I feel like I need to ask to make a few changes but am scared to do so.

Current Job pay:
450 a week
-No vacation pay even when they are on vacation(which is a lot)
-No mileage reimbursement
-No sick days
-I do get to bring my 6 year old daughter when she is off school.
-lil girl goes part time to child care school and I'm required to deep clean house on those 3 days.
-work 7-5 some days I get off early or I say later.
-overtime pay is 15 an hour.

They offered 550 for the new baby. I wouldn't have to do the deep cleaning just light house cleaning.

Should I accept? Should I ask to make changes? And what would you suggest. Is all of this fair for both of the parties or do you think there is some unfairness to this? If yes, please explain.
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Jan 9, 2013