I Am Going to Be a Nanny For a Family Who Doesn't Want a Nanny. Help!

I have a non refundable plane ticket, my plans are set in stone, I am going overseas to nanny for 3 months next week so I can move forward on networking in Europe in my professional arts career while getting free room and board for watching a baby.  I'm 31, happily married.  Finally got in touch with the current nanny, who has been there since late Nov/early Dec.  I am very family oriented, and my last nannying position of 9 months (9 years ago) was bitter, as the Mother was angry, controlling, unhappy.  I need to make this a happy situation.  What do I do?? Help, parents AND nannies!

Here were my questions to the current nanny:

What are (Mom's) interests? 
I dont really know, as I told she is very limited, she does not go ahead on the conversation, but it is with everyone! But I hope that you can talk about your arts.

Do you interact with their other son and daughter much, are they nice? 
They are nice, but they also dont speak too much..As soon as I arrived here I felt really depressed, because many times on the (kitchen) table, is like I am not there...but then I got used to it.

Do the kids speak German around the house, or English?
They speak english with the Mom and between themselves they speak German, but with me only english, although I have tried to speak German. But, I think you speak German better than me.

Does (Mom) speak primarily German or English?
She can speak German, but she speaks only english at home!

What hours do you usually work?
So, I work 5 hours per week on weekend I am free. Usually I go down at 9 a.m, I prepare my toast and (baby)´s toast, because she likes to eat with me. I play with her until her lunch time, then she goes to bed, so I have break and when she weaks up I stay more hours...But it depends, sometimes she does not sleep that much...So, is not the samething everyday!!!

Do you think if you wanted to cook that you would be allowed?
I think so, but usually (Mom) cooks to everybody...lunch is only sandwiches!!!I dont know if you are get used to it. And she only prepares it, when the children are coming home earlie, otherwise you have to it by yourself, dont wait...or you will be starving...hehehehehehe

Do you share your bathroom? 
There is one bathroom, close to your room, and I share it with (son). But shower is donwstairs...I take up stairs, but I dont know if the mind it. So you have to ask!

Do you have a bathtub?
I bought mine!

Is there wireless internet?
I think so, because I just use their computer, but I think they have it!

How is their dog?
... nice dog, quiet and lovelly!!!!

What do you think of the town? 
X, is the most boring city in German that I have been!!So...I dnt how you are, but not just me, many people say the same..so, dont expect too much!!!
I like going to clubs...I met people in the course, so I meet them or I go by myself!!!

Have you traveled on the weekends?
Yes, many time...because (town) is very boring...I travelled to Cologne, and also to Hanover...

Can you walk to places?
Walk? That depends on you!!!! I usually get train...But It is VERY expensive!!!And we got only 30 euros for it..So!!! To go to the city you have to get a bus and then a train..

Is the neighborhood friendly?
Friendly??You dont see nobody in this place!!!hehehehe...just big houses...no contact with people around here!!
Is the family friendly to you, do they make you feel welcomed? 
(Mom) as I told you is very closed, and also she will probably tells you that she does not want an au pair, I felt really bad when she told me that...but I was already here!!!
They are nice..but just closed...(Dad), somethimes he speaks a lot, is nice...but sometimes he even look at my face or say hi....so!!!
I cried many times...because of it, because I am very comunicative and like to talk and laugh...but I never know how to behave!! How long are you staying??? 3 months is ok!!!

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