I Am 21 With No Social Life ( Just Minding Two Kids) ... Help

ok. so here goes.. . 

i nanny for 2 little girls .. really great. .. we have gone on a couple trips since i have been with them .. on the first trip which was 7 days in Vegas .. i got no time to myself except maybe about 5hours . total .. one of the kids was always with me .. even when we were sleeping .. 

now .. we are in ireland for a month and i have gotten a day and a half to myself.. it is really starting to take a toll . and its not like i am getting paid great.. i only make a certain amount  no matter how much i work .. and usually its  at least 40-60 hours a week .. if not more .. 


has anyone else had this problem where they worked way too much for what it was worth............ 

dont get me wrong i adore the kids .. but they need time with their parents as well .. 

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Do you get paid by the hour or the week?

I know exactly what you mean!<br />
I think it's ridiculous that some people even have kids , why have kids when your not going to spend time with them and have the nanny spend majority of the time with your kids.

You may not feel like you can say much because they are your employers, but they need to work with you, just like you work with them. Maybe ask them to pay you more if it's over 40 hours a week, or tell them when you go on a trip you want an alloted time to yourself to site see. Maybe explain that their are plenty of kid friendly things, THEY can go do with their kids wherever you are. Getting burned out on someone else's kids is no fun, but their parents know the feeling, and hopefully they will understand.

you need to sit the parents down and be up front with them. I am 28 and been a nanny since I was 24. I basically told them it needed to change or they would have to find a new nanny. They need to understand that the kids are theirs and not yours. Tell them you require 2 days/ week off and unless something serious comes up then these days are a must. You need your time to keep your sanity. Especially being a live-in!

darlin your 21 years old these are the days where you paint the town red and have you time. not live for everyone else you should be out there making time for yourself going out and meeting new people and having the time of your life. if you love the job maybe tell em you needs to take few weeks off for yourself and go out and have a good time meet new people darlin.you need it