Missing Him

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 9 months and he's leaving to go to basic and ati tomorrow. He's been in state reception for the past two weeks. Were both in college and I'm taking summer classes and working to help the time go faster but he texted me tonight and this was the last time before he sends me a letter. I'm trying to be stronger but i have a feeling that at some point this summer i'm going to break down. I've had uncles and cousins who have gone through this but I'm not really that close compared to me and my boyfriend. Him and I spent the last night before he left together but i never in my life thought that him leaving would be this hard on me. Any advice on how to help make the time go faster and ideas to make me miss him less? Thank you so much.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I agree with the last comment. keep busy and write! I know that i constantly have thoughts running through me head about my boyfriend who is at basic training right now. I have started a journal and i write in it every night. I address each entry to my boyfriend, just like i am talking to him. I take all of the thoughts that i had from that day and write them in there, good and bad. I know that i will not share the bad ones with him while he is there because I cant stress him out, but I am planning on letting him read the journal when he gets back. It will be a nice memory for you to look back on and something special that you two can share with each other. Also, i find that no one close to me really understands what im going through, so it helps to be able to get it all out in some way. good luck and stay strong!

My heart goes out to you, and wish you the best. My advice is to keep <br />
busy. Work on a hobby, read, write, make a scrap book of you life day to day to share with him once he comes home. Write him daily, just like you would talk to him, anything to fill the hours till he is back home in your arms. Reach out to others for support. Don't bury your fears, it will only make it worse. Try to think of it as if he is only going to be gone for a few days, trying not to dwell on how long till he comes home or how long he has been gone. Live in the moment, not in the future. Good luck, and I and others here are available to "talk" to.