Scared Out Of My Mind

My boyfriend an I have been together for 2 years. He is Almost 18and I'm 16. He's leaving for basic training in early June and will be gone for 22weeks. I havnt been away from him for more than a week since we have started dating. I'm mostly worried about what's going to happen when he comes home, I'm really afraid that he will be a different person when he comes home. I love him more than anything in this world, and he's my best friend. Anyways I was just looking for advice on how do deal with being away from someone you love for that long, anything will help!
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my boyfriend of a year just went off to basic training today for 22 weeks. all i think about is how much i miss him. just prepare yourself and keep in mind that he will come back much more grown up. he'll be more responsible for sure. also, don't forget how happy he'll be to see you again. that's pretty much the only thing keeping me together right now.

It's hard there is no if and or buts about it. I'm going through it right now. My boyfriend is in basic at the moment then to AIT when he graduates. I won't see him until November. It's tough but send him letters let him know that you are there for him and supporting him in every decision. With the National Guard heres how it works.<br />
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1. National Guard<br />
2. Mom/Dad/family<br />
3.Girlfriend<br />
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It will take awhile to get used to not being first. But be proud of your soldier. Love him unconditionally. Let him you are supporting him because that's what he needs. If youa re close to his family go hang out with them. It helps to also have their support.I do it with my boyfriends family when I can. I love his family and they adore me. Well I'd like to think so. But just stay strong. Its rough the first couple days but you get used to it.