I Am A National Guard Girlfriend..

My boyfriend joined the national guard on my birthday march 19th 2012...we hadn't been together we split up for a couple months but we got back together...we have been together for 5 years... Known each other since middle school. He just left to basic training on July 9th and it's only been a couple days. Crying and missing him like crazy. Gone for four months seems like forever.. :(
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it is really hard especially when you have been together for so long. i have been with my boyfriend for over 3 years and he left for training 3 weeks ago. i was really sad and cried alot until i first got to hear from him. he called me about 2 weeks after he left and got to talk for 10 minutes. that made me feel so much better. you will feel alot better once you get the first letter or phone call. he is okay. even though it is a tough experience for them, they take good care of the soldiers in training and their only goal is to make them better men and women. he will come back army strong! just look forward to that and keep writing to him, especially words of encouragement!

It's hard no one said it was going to be easy. It goes by fast once you get used to it. Concentrate on your son, If you put your mind on something that keeps you busy which i'm sure your son keeps you pretty busy. Time will fly by. it takes a lot out of you there will be nights that you just want to give up but remember he loves you. He needs support too. Yeah were young but wer also so smart. YOu can do it. just gotta put your mind to it. Because hey. this is only basic and then you have ait. he still state side. This is the only the beginning. And from where i see it its gonna be one rough ride. But what can you do when a soldier has your heart?

Thanks you! :)

we also have a 1 year and 4 month old son.