Hi my name is uhleah and im 18 years im probably a lot less experienced with everything having to do with the national guard so please don't hate me for being naive :) ..i dont really know what to expect at all. i've been kinda pushing it aside for a while hoping that it would just go away...but it really is coming soon. he leaves in a month, on the exact date of our one year anniversary (how ironic) and will be in bootcamp/AIT for a total of 8 months. to some of you that may not seem like a long time...but that is over half our relationship which seems crazy. in high school we hung out almost every day and now that i'm in college and he's still back home, we've been having a lot of problems with this whole long distance relationship thing...we've been arguing a lot more than usual. im really hoping that it doesn't just continue to get worse when he goes to bootcamp next month. i know we wont be able to communicate much and i dont know if that will make our relationship stronger or if we will just argue more. how is the long distance thing working out for those of you who are more experienced? im reallllllyyy scared...
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I'm in the same boat as well! I'm at college away from home and we were perfect everytime where are together but we started to argue as we were so far away from each other and now I can't talk to him for 6 months which is half of our relationship as well! Just hang in there through, I know that these past two weeks with him gone I have really realized how much he means to me and how hard I want to work to make it work. Hopefully you can write letters a lot and maybe see him at christmas, just look at that as half way! That's the only thing that's gettin me through this. Be thankful for that Christmas break! And if he comes home and he is a little distant just be patient, you have to realize what they are going through and be as supportive as you can. It won't be like this forever. Just think on the bright side at least he is getting it all done at one time and you won't have to go through this pain twice :) if you need someone to talk to I'm here, your story sounds just like mine so I can def relate! Good Luck! Hang in there!

Girl, we are almost in the same boat except I live at home for college and he left the summer before college started. He left in July and is gone til December. You guys wont have any communication for like three weeks or more but then you can eventually start sending letters and you both will realize you took for granted the times you could talk. Just when you do talk to him try to be positive and not argue about anything because the communication you do get is limited so in a way use it wisely dont say something you may regret

Thanks. I really appreciate the advice. How are you guys doing?

No problem. We are doing good, like at first it was hard and I kept questioning things like is he still gonna want to be with me? is this what I want? But when I get letters or talk to him all those questions go away and I know it'll be fine.