My Boyfriends Family Day And Graduation Are Coming Up Haven't Got Specifics Yet...

Okay i went to my boyfriends company's page Hes in fort Leonardwood right now... hes been there since OCT 10th and i read his family days on the DEC 17th and graduations on the 18th!! but im not sure if the dates will change or if its set in stone because hes in Charlie CO 2-10 and the army website says he should graduate on DEC 20th so im confused... i havent got the 8th letter telling me the specifics yet but im still waiting... Since im underage (17 years old) will i be able to get on base with my grandma even though shes only related to me and if his mom cant come can i still attend the family day, dinner, and graduation with my grandma? Lately i haven't been able to get a hold of my boyfriends family reticently his mothers family has been in and out of the hospital so its been crazy for her and she hasnt been answering her cell phone so im worried that i wont be able to tell her of her sons graduation and family day im also wondering if my boyfriend will be home for christmas and if he can come back to st louis for the time inbetween basic and AIT (however long that is) i bought him an electric massage mouse for his present and was wondering if he will be allowed to have it if he cant come home for the holidays or even have it in AIT because it does wonders for the muscle pain Im also worried about the fact his familys kicking him outta his house when he suppose to come back home from his training and he still has to get his drivers license and a car on top of that i love him and dont want him to be on the streets plz any advice about my questions or answers would be great thanks a lot...

AzraelsQueen AzraelsQueen
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012