My Boyfriends Gonna Be Home On The 19th!!!

I finally got a hold of my boyfriends mom and she said she's picking him up on December 19th!! I am still gonna try to go to his family day and graduation on the 17th and 18th I am soooo relieved that I found that out and I can't wait to give him his Christmas present ... I got him a massage handheld machine for his soreness ;) I Had to drop out of school for the rest of this semester because of my depression but I will be back in school next semester but I will be doing home school classes... I'm trying to keep my head up for both of our sakes :p all you women out there with men in the military we can stay strong for them because I know I am trying my hardest too it's not easy being a national guard girlfriend but I know I'm wanna be in its with him for life I can't wait for the day he decides to propose to me and we get married ... love is a wonderful thing ~.^
AzraelsQueen AzraelsQueen
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

yah! i know exactly how you feel!!! my boyfriend is coming this Thursday for Christmas and I cannot wait. It cant come fast enough... Good luck with going back to school :-)