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Hello ladies :) I've been a member of this site for a couple weeks now, and finally decided to start posting stories of my own.

To start, I'm a senior in college and currently dating the most amazing man I've ever met. We've been dating fifteen months now and needless to say it's been quite the experience. Three months after we officially started dating he left for basic training in Georgia, then went on to AIT. Throughout the entire time he was gone, our relationship had it's ups and downs, and there were times when it got pretty difficult to be away from him. But, our relationship became stronger and I wouldn't change a thing :) After he graduated AIT this past summer we moved in together and I couldn't be happier!!

All that being said, he has his first official deployment coming up this spring. Needless to say I'm pretty nervous about it, but I have a feeling that everything will be ok in the end. So, I guess I'm just looking for some other National Guard gf's I can relate to :)
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My bf just left for ft. benning a few days ago but he is also in the national guard! :)

Hi! My bf hasn't graduated from basic yet but he will in March from Ft. Benning! I've been so worried about him getting deployed right after he graduates, how far in advanced did you and your bf know about his deployment?

Hey!! We knew about his deployment about six months beforehand :) I hear it can vary widely though, but with National Guard they seem to get more information WAY in advance. Like, months to years in advance. From my experience anyway :)

awesome! Hopefully that's the case for my bf! so do u know where your bf is being deployed to?And how long it will be?

Yup yup, he's told me pretty much everything he knows about it. From where he's going (which I really don't like saying over the internet. Call me paranoid but I just don't lol), to how long he'll be there, which is 9 months :)

Oh no that's understandble! lol Well at least you know the specifics!:) I don't wanna freak out about it...but I just wanna know when, where, and all the details like right now, but he hasn't even graduated from basic

Did he graduate from Ft. Benning? Did u go to his graduation out there?

Yeah! He graduated basic from Benning, and of course I went! It was probably one of the happiest moments of my life, and I would definitely recommend trying to go if your own boyfriend is graduating soon :)

Yeah I'm def going. Do you know if he has to request a number of tickets or do I just go with his immediate family...because that whole thing has me so confused and his mom still hasn't got anything from his commander in the mail like she was suppose to. So we barely know anything and we barely have contact with him so it's so confusing and its in 2 months. lol Like how did that whole process go...and did u go for family day and graduation day? Are they even two seperate days....(Sorry If im overloading you with

Lol, you aren't overloading me with questions at all! I like helping other girlfriend's :) He doesn't have to give a number of how many people will be attending, everyone is free to come and go as they please. Generally, halfway through basic is when you (or in this case his mom) get an official letter giving you the exact dates of both family day and graduation. Family Day and Graduation are back to back, with family day one day and graduation the day after. I went to both, and it was quite an interesting process!! Both Family Day and Graduation start about 9 or so in the morning. On Family Day they do a little speech and then release the soldiers to their families (and eagerly waiting girlfriend's!!). They then have most of the day to do whatever they want, just as long as they are back at a certain time. Graduation was essentially the same thing, only with a longer and more important ceremony in the beginning. Hope that helped! Please ask as many questions as you feel like!! :)

thank you sooooo much! this helped me A LOT! he only knew the dates of graduation and family day but he didn't know any of the vital info that you just told me! smh lol I'll probably be buying my plane ticket soon...did you fly into the airport closest to Ft.benning and are there like a lot of close surrounding hotels? Because I might be flying by myself and I was lil worried with how far a part the hotels are from the base...

Glad I could help!! :) I actually drove down to his graduation, so I'm not sure about plane tickets and all that. I do know that there are many hotels that are located super close to base (if memory serves correctly, there are even some ON base, but you'll have to look more into those Because I don't know much about them either), and even the airport itself is located fairly close to Benning :)

On I've never even seen an army this is all new to excited to experience all this! once again, thx for the help!:) your awesome and I wish you and your solider the best with his upcoming deployment!

Of course! Once again, so glad I could help :) Thank you for the well-wishes and if you ever have any more questions please feel free to shoot me a message or something!!

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