Lost With Words. What Happened To Friends?

It’s not easy being a girlfriend to a soldier. Even if he's only in training. I'm sure most of us here can agree on that..

It’s harder then a long distance relationship. You’re lucky to get to see eachother for 2 weeks. Then they go back out to fight for our country or go back to train. While, in a LDR you meet eachother once and you are good to go. You receive weekly letters, and a call every sunday, instead of daily texts/calls/messages on facebook. You worry constantly. Everytime you receive a letter, your heart jumps. The thought of “He’s safe” makes you happy. Even if that only lasts for 5 minutes. Then you’re back to worrying about the days to come and if he’s going to be okay. There are some days when he’s away that the entire day you feel like you have to fake smiling and laughing because all you really feel like doing is crying. Lately I’ve been told that I have no reason to worry, just because my soldier is in training. I am really tired of hearing people say that, and “Welllll.. he’s only in the National Guard.” What difference does it really make? He can still be in as much danger as the other soldiers. There are days where I just cry. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I can’t concentrate on anything but him. It’s hard for him too.. he’s miserable away from his family and friends, I hear it in his voice each time he calls.

But I couldn’t be prouder of him. I talk about him being in the National Guard with my friends and the response I get is “I would never do that in my life. I would never be in a relationship where he is soooo far away. I have to talk to my boyfriend every day and hug him and kiss him.” I sometimes do not have that gut feeling to just stand up to them like I know I need to when they say something like that.

That's all I ever get. It's like nobody understands. I get that they will not understand the life I’m living, because they aren’t a National Guard Girlfriend.. but I figured they would know how it feels not seeing or talking to their boyfriend for times that he's away.

Anyone else out there have problems with friends?
Anyone. Seriously. I just want to know that there are NG Girlfriends who feel the same about their friends..
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I'm in the same boat. All I can think about is him being away. I have one friend who is going through the same thing. Only cuz of boyfriends are best friends. But our friends always tell us " it's high school, just leave him. Or be with someone who you can see everyday". It makes a little upset that they don't try I see what we feel. But it's life. Me n my friend who has a bf in the national guard to always stays the night with each other. It helps get is through the night. And when we get up we check the calls and mail first. One time my boyfriend called in class. But I missed it and ran out to call him. My teacher was not happy. But oh we'll it's a call from my guardsman.

I feel the same...no one truly understands what we go through at all! And they never will unless they're with someone in the military. That's why I love this website, it's comforting to know that somebody, somewhere understands the loneliness I feel at times and that somebody understands the tears I cry because I just miss hearing his voice. It does suck talking to my friends about it because sometimes I feel like I'm just being a cry baby and I need to get over it...but even though I do need to be strong...sometimes crying is the only thing that helps! People don't realize how hard it is! So I commend you for being with a soldier, and I commend myself. We are faithful, strong, and wonderful women who are prepared to wait for our soldiers no matter what...it takes a strong person to do that!

They only think that they understand, but you're right, they don't unless they are with someone in the military. This website is amazing. (:

I know..I love it<3