I Got My First Call (:

My boyfriend just called me it just made my day (: but I'm also sad at the same time because he decided to call me instead of his parents so I feel bad but I know I shouldn't it's not my fault and also i could hear it in his voice that he was sad and possibly going to cry ):It lasted for like 7 minutes and I got to tell him I loved him and missed him so I'm happy I got to tell him that. Also he told me that I'm going to cry when I read his letter he sent me but I'm So happy. It was so funny when I answered the phone I said hello and he was like hi Eryn and I said hi and he was like do you know who this is and I was like no even though I knew it was him u was just so excited my brain went dead lol then he was like guess and I said is it you lol what kind of way is that to answer oo well (:
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I got my first call today too! But my boyfriend was being timed and he only got 30 seconds...like he said that he was there and safe and will call me the next time he got the chance but he will call back when he can and that he loved me!

well my boyfriend called me first too so don't worry about it! haha and my bf has been there for a week also, well, a little more than a week...he left on the 7th of january, do you know what group he is in?

This is so cute! Happy for you both of you girls!:)

yeah the letter i got said that he just got through reception and that was dated the tenth, so i guess he got through then? lol