I Was Raised Wiccan But Became An Eclectic Pagan In Adulthood

My great-grandfather was a Pantheist and passed the knowledge down to my grandfather, who passed it to his daughters, who passed it to us. My mother incorporated some neo-Wiccan into her beliefs, which was pretty cool. As far as I can tell every generation has read the Tarot.

My great-grandfather and grandfather were farmers. Not surprisingly, they placed a lot of emphasis on the Sun, the Moon, and the elements in their worship. They were traditional Pantheists, although I don't believe they had ever heard that term. When they referred to their religion at all (which was rare) they called it "the old religion," which meant "pre-Christian." I remember that at the end of every day, before my grandfather would leave the field to come back to the house, he would pick up a handful of soil, close his eyes, and say a silent prayer. Then he would toss the soil back to the field and say, "Let's go eat."

Simply put, Pantheism is the belief that the deity is the Universe. It lives in every atom, every blade of grass, every human hand, every rock in the field, every star. We're all the same thing. The deity is not separate from us, which is why Pantheists reject organized religion. The three modern religions--Judaism, Christianity and Islam--divide us from the deity. They confine our worship to churches, temples and mosques, as though the deity can only be reached within man-made walls.

My mother was drawn to neo-Wiccan, which involved a greater degree of ritual. I have always been more focused on meditation than ritual, but having a scientific mind, the metaphysics of Neo-Wiccan appealed to me.

Neo-Wiccan places an emphasis on the Goddess. I have mixed feelings about that because I believe in the perfect duality of the diety. To worship the Goddess exclusively (as many Wiccans do) or to worship God exclusively (as Christians do) is to disregard the balance of male/female energy with which the deity is composed. Simply put, She is the Moon; He is the Sun. She is Water and Earth; He is Fire and Air. He is the giver of Life; She is the Carrier of Life. Neither can exist without the other.

I look around me and I see men and women competing for superiority; bashing each other; disrespecting each other. This worries me a lot. Each gender seems to be rejecting--and even battling--their opposite, balancing energy. They're fighting the duality that makes them whole. When I hear men and women bashing each other, I think about how unbalanced they must be deep within themselves, and how dark that must feel.

There's nothing I can do about it but continue to keep myself balanced and happy. I do this by using the knowledge that was given to me, incorporating what I have learned myself, and staying my own course.
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Yes. You're right on...google how clothes interfere with our auras-there appears to be a relationship. That might be why nudity feels so damned good,because it's how we need to be for our full potential to be reached.

That is a beautiful story. How lucky you were to have so much family with pagan beliefs. For many of us we must step out on our own finding this spirituality that has always been our home and in our heart but not knowing what it was. I was invited to a Beltane ritual 9 years ago and was so moved by it I cried. I had finally found a name for all the things I felt in my heart!