My Hair Chose To Be Red Despite Myself

I am 25 years old and have naturally red hair.

Growing up I wanted anything BUT my hair color.

Of course the adults cooed and oohed over it, but I wanted to be just like the other kids.

So I tried over and over again to color my hair. I bought the most expensive dyes you could...went to professional hair colorists (though I never understood why they always tried to talk me out of it)...nothing worked.

The color always washed out. Always.

One day after another failed attempt I looked in the mirror and realized I should just start loving what I had. Men were drawn to its intensity, it was often a conversation piece, and it had afforded me many opportunities in my acting career...Why in the world was I trying to destroy that which made

My hair is beautiful, soft, long, flowing and begs to be touched.

I have fallen into somewhat of a love affair with my color that refused to be changed.

brittanyranee brittanyranee
3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Ahhh....nice story...thanks. :-)

Redheads are stunning. Count yourself lucky!

She probably will...but try to convince her otherwise :) It really is a gift she has that she wont realize! :) PLUS its curly! I would give anything to have naturally curly hair...I spend a good two hours trying to get mine to curl :)