Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?

My dad was in the Air Force stationed in Okinawa when I was born.  In middle school, I remember the kids saying stupid stuff like if I was born in Okinawa then I would be Japanese.  Then the boys started saying I couldn't be a real redhead.  When I protested, they'd say "Prove it!"  It didn't dawn on me until high school that they wanted me to pull my pants down, LOL!

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Where does the line form?

Ok, so now that you know ... prove it.

does your carpet and drapes match now

have only been with 2 of them & the both were hotter then helll . the second one ,mmmm was she ever a moaner & groaner :) ever time i hit that ***** she would let out onee hell of a moannnn

I'm a natural redhead. I must say that most of the guys I've had relationships with have had a "thing" for redheads. They seem to think we are lustier. I'm a very sexually aware woman, I love sex. Maybe that's true. <br />
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So, when I first meet a guy, I ask him if he's ever dated a redhead. If he says yes, then I wonder if he really sees "me", or just my hair. I'm glad he appreciates my looks. But I do wonder if my hair suddenly changed to brown, would he still be attracted to me. Like big boobs - is that all he sees? you know?<br />
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Just to show you how screwed up I am.... if he says no - he's never dated a redhead before....makes me wonder if he's like the mean kids when I was growing up. Who thought it was weird. And not pretty. Possibly he's close minded. <br />
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hmmmmmm. somebody just come **** me!

I would love to, especially if you'll throw all of that upset, frustrated and paranoid energy into the experience together. ;)

I always say, there's nothing more sensuous than a freckled, pale-skinned redhead! You gals have SOMETHING that turns heads and warms loins everywhere you go ;)

I had a redheaded girlfriend once. As adorable as her freckled face and georgeous hair were, her beaver was incredibly arousing to me.<br />
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Little boys don't understand what they are doing socially, but they are very curious about girls. I can well imagine little boys asking a little girl to show them her reddish fur. Heck, I'd like to see it.<br />
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Not that that boyish curiousity justifies crudity. Explains it, but doesn't justify it.


They know i love them but i really think you should just smack them.LOL

Hit 'em both with all ya got! Please! Men jeez!

Please ,please just smack them both! LMAO


Well red. Has she hit you yet or proved anything?

ok show FT then I want get hit LOL

I'm sure there are some crude dudes here that will say the same thing, but not sireee......I wouldn't do that.... Not anymore. I'm still sore and bruised from the last time.