I hate my hair being called a mutation. It was bad enough as a kid being teased once in awhile, but now to be called a mutant?? **** that.

My hair has become a little brownish over the years, more auburn now. but my eyebrows, pubic, and even armpit hair is light red- matching the color it was when I was little.

I find a lot of guys have a fetish (?) for redheads. They want to bang the fire crotch. I really don't care, I'll still **** 'em. We all have our kinks and who am I to judge.

I really do like being a minority, I have have always felt special because people make a big deal out of being a redhead. The only down side is that I feel pain stronger than others at times and respond poorly to demerol and other narcotics.
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plz add me want to see youre pics

I like seeing a red bush, it is so hot. do you shave yours?

I understand...being mostly bald aint so good either..**** the critics..well, if they'll be up for

Reds produce a different pheromone to me it seems... More.. Invigorating

you are such a hottie

because you got sun burnt LOL

Ok I know I'm a push-over for a Redhead..but if you have freckles, on the face and chest that is the best.. Damm Hot. Can I see more??

Yes...If you have them??? (we're talking freckles here...Hehe)

me too but clean shaven pubes

Being a redhead you stand out in a crowd, I bet you make the most of it. Just don't stay in the sun too long.

i think all women are special, but i do adore REDheads.

I am one as well, but i have never had sex with one. Don't you think it would be wild?

For me having red hair or strawberry blonde n the summer.. it is an adoration for red heads and to me I think they are just more beautiful!!

I gave a slightly different take. Yeah, I love the hair color, and yeah, y'all seem to bea better ****, but what really flips my switch are thenipples ofa redhead. Be theyb pale pink or berry red,they are so responsive, and I have always felt electricity when my lips or tongue come in contact with the plasure peak. Long may you reduce men (or women) to a molten mass. Even at my age, they inspire me to greatness.

I do love redheads always have and always will, there is nothing sexier than a redhead. Even the ones that are not so hot I would **** them just because... I WOULD LOVE TO BE ********** BY A GROUP OF REDHEADS hot or not just have to have the fire bush

well i have alkways enjoy seeing a hot redhead woman to me they are so ******* hot in bed,i do so love there flair skin, it make there nipples really stand out to see, i don;t care if they have a red bush or not, to me they are the hottest woman around

I also had Auburn Hair as an adult, but now salt and pepper.

No it went to salt and pepper white and I am also growing a beard of the same color.

I don't know that it is a fetish, but I think redheads are more prone to being stunningly beautiful, If that is a mutation, it is a positive part of the evolutionary process.

I dont have a fetish, i just think you're hot babe.

I like redheads cause every one I have been with have been complete nympho and could not get enough

I don't have any idea but I would love to be able to reasearch and find out

are allll redheads loud moners too ?? the last one i was with was :)

there is nothing like a redhead, the ***** is so much better tasting(sounds crazy) I know but I am truly addicted to them, I am and have been married to only them.. something about you girls I just love. by the way I love the picture of that nipple I hope its yours.

I think the hair color is there to warn people. Warn them not to **** us off. Warn then that we are more than they can probably handle. Warn them about what they are getting into. The sunburns and narcotics are just because there was too much awesomeness used for us. There wasn't enough left to cover everything. My mom is the same way with medication.

I have always had a thing for redheads....As a kid I had red hair, it would turn almost orange during the I have grown older it turned almost brown and now has a hint of gray

redheads have the passion for all things

Redheads are the most passionate and sexy women.

give me a redhead over a blonde or brunette any day ! they are stunning & the ones i've been with certainly know how to please a guy ;-))

I live redheads. My wife dyes her hair for me. A wife's wife in our stories was a Real redhead. It was SOO hot. Love to get to know u better. ;-)

Love redheads. Dumb phone. Lol. It changes words sometimes. But I really do love redheads

I think blondes, brunettes and redheads can all be beautiful in their own ways, have never had a strong preference based on hair color. Having said that, I confess I've never heard redheadedness called a mutation? That sounds pretty weird to me, why is one color a mutation and others are not?

There's nothing wrong with red.I'm not partial to any hair colour,but I will admit,red does sort of stand out for some reason,in a room full of blondes and brunettes,I'm sort of drawn to the one redhead that walks in,but i don't understand the science behind that,so I just assume that red is beautiful and leave it at that.

The first girl I ever had a sexual crush on as a kid was a redhead. I've always loved it.

add me please

I love redheads even though i have never been with one,but i hope that day come soon ;) stay sexy ;)

mmmmm, love that fire crotch! Could I have a taste of the red hot *****??...... love hot