Save The Gene Ride A Redhead

According to some studies the last redhead will be born around 2015 and by 2050 redheads will most likely be almost extinct. So, if you would like to save this awesomely sexy and unique gene, ride a redhead and pass the gene.

My son looks like this guy, but with more freckles and brighter blue eyes. One day he's going to marry a redhead and make me pretty redheaded grand Who knows...maybe.
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Happy Eid x nice

Try telling that to the Irish. Redheaded ladies are adored/worshipped there.

I'm a redhead, and I agree with this message.

Great video! You're proud of your family as you should be. Thanks

Excellent video. Now I want to know more.

Hi read head

i think a sexyredhead do rule, to me they are the most sexy of all woman, the world do need more hot redheads to keep world peace.

Redheads rule. I've been seeing one sweet gal on and off for about 10 years, and she is insatiable.

We've simply got to breed with a ginger gene carrier... I feel I've done my bit..... the result currently refusing to stop chatting to her big sister and go to sleep!
Not that my heart wouldnt melt for a little ginger boy baby, awww

I'm a natural redhead and I really hope my other kids are redheads. Both sides of my family have ALOT of redheads. My son had blonde hair so he's at least got the gene in him.

I love your intentions:) I'm not redhead, but if that prediction comes true, I'll be very sad. How can I help you in your mission??

I've ate a red haired ***** from time to time.And was very pleased with the taste.But lately they are few and far between.Would you be ******* my way!!!!!!!

I hadn't heard this before; its terrible. One of my cousins is a red head and she has always been smoking hot.

My brother is a redhead, and he's busy losing his hair. It's the curse of male reds. Apart from the odd Leprechaun who lasts until he's white, the XY's need to mate while the gettings still good. It's a harsh business, but maybe that explains the decline. I've never been attracted to a chrome dome.

Do I have to use the link to learn if you are yankin our chain, at? This seems impossible. There were two redheads born next door (and 'No' neither is mine) though I guess the last would be 5 or 6 years ago now.

What a pity that would be. I assume you've forwarded this to your son? Nothing like pressure when a young man's tryin to 'perform.' ;)

Actually, the link is a real study that says so. That doesn't mean that it is something that I believe to be accurate. There is proof that the gene is fading away, but I do think that it would take a lot longer than the scientists in the article say.

My sons a bit young to try and push him into making red headed babies. He has to get up the nerve to talk to them first. He is 15, so I think the baby making stuff needs to wait a while. In the future when he's all grown, he needs to give mama some red headed grandbabies.

LMAO ... I'd wager your son and you think a lil differently on whether he's ready - but I side with you on this one. My 15, 16 & 18 yo daughters aren't ready yet either. :)

I'm telling you, he just about faints when he has to speak to one. He's got high functioning autism, so he's really socially awkward anyhow. I'm quite aware of what boys and girls think about as teens. I was one. I also had to tell my husband to have a little talk with his son about learning how to cover his tracks when he looks at ****. So, I know he likes the girls......he just can't seem to talk to them.

Through consciousness the gene can be turned back on. We just forgot how to do it.

So maybe in the future when one of my kids or daughter in-laws gets pregnant, I'll rub their belly everyday and say, "you are going to have red hair." It's all about intent, right?......tee hee.

It would be a good experiment. ; )

Yes, that is true Chief *giggles*.

i like seeing all the response since i did not write dis one down thanks a lot Mr.
banana-potato sir who name is Aengus. changing password and logging out when log on, who the hell are you and who are you writing to? This is 'my' story and this is my username. This was also my username for about a year and a half before I left and came back. So, you are a crazy person. Go away.

Oh wait, you are referring to the person who used your user account to comment earlier?

Yeppers.....ooops :)

Reaserch says a lot of things, they thought the world was gonna end multiple times and we still livn so I have a feeln they'll be wrong bout this to

haha, my daughter has red hair! long live gingers!

red head blue eyes omg I'm in *awwwwww's* as in eum...

Aww Sweet Momma, you have a cute son. I'm sure you'd be one sexy Granny!

Haha, quite the non-traditional granny anyhow.

non-traditional are the best

We are doomed!

Oh come on now. Don't be so negative. We just have to make sure to spread the word, save the gene, ride a redhead.

In the year 2124 they will be cloning various races just to see what diversity used to be like, cause people will all look the same.

That is a sad thought.

u are sexy u mean

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My family is really big and mix.

(this is my friend account i just decide to leave a comment about red heads) lol sorry Simon

we are Puerto rican+Philippine/Irish+Polish. my mom is the puerto rican and my dad is Irish. they both have black hair. My grandma from my mom side have color eyes they change every time. Both my big brother and sister look white. my sister was bored with silver eyes my brother was born with blonde hair. i was bored with black and red hair. right now my hair is light brown and my beard is red, black, brown and i have red skin. my big bother and sister hair and eye color fade and now are brown eyes and brown hair and pale skin like my dad. one of my closest cousins have grey eyes (on my mom side) who looks arab marry a Italian girl(who have green eyes) both have brown hair and tan skin. All their babies have red hair and a varies eye colors from honey silver green and white pale skin.

I will show you pic of my children well my first born. my girlfriend is
native-american-indian and aryan with color eyes

we should not worry about red heads disappearing. i think it is awesome if there were more gingers.

Ouuuuu Simon u got ep

I like seeing all the response since i did not write dis one down thanks a lot Mr.
banana-potato sir who name is Aengus. changing password and logging out when log on

Oh, so that's why my friend is trying to get me to breed with our ex boss. Not just because she thinks ginger babies are adorable- She's trying to save us! lol

I'm sure she'll be glad to hear that. -_-

That is a good friend....lolz

Asians admire redheads also, but I don't think we're into male redheads.

What's wrong with redheaded men? See that's why the gene is dying :(. Both parents need to carry the gene in order to have a redheaded kid. I have two red headed kiddos, a son of 15 and a daughter that is 17.

Could be the mindset. Mostly seen on movies or tv in our country female redheads. That could be it.

I had sex with 1 red head man and he was extra awesome and so still on my sex to do's list

Good for you HedoZen :D.

yeah good for you HedoZen. I haven't met one, not even one in my life. Not even in a places with lots of people from foreign land here.

What makes me sad about the idea of Asian women not liking redheaded men is that my son seems to like the Asian girls. He gets that nervousness that young boys get when they like a girl. He thinks they are it would be sad if he gets rejected by them all :-(

Aww-w-w Affinity. . . (scratches head) You are such a sweet Momma!! haha I'm sure there are lots of girls turning to western fashions and oriented already with looks of redheads and groups of young cute idols like the picture you've posted. Btw, I used to color my hair red. haha

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