Hey! Guess What? I Am A Redhead Too!

I am a redhead yes, but I have no freckles, I have brown/hazel eyes and I get a tan during summer, so I guess I am a "daywalker" according to South Park. I am also originally from Barcelona, Spain and I live in LA now. I have only seen 1 redhead in Spain in 29 years living there. When people hear me speaking they can't figure out where I am from ( the accent ) and it is very entertaining, and to top it off, I have the weirdest blood type in humans: 0 negative. So if I unify all these facts about me, I guess I am pretty unique! lol

Any others redheads with similar features around here? ha!

SpanishRedhead SpanishRedhead
31-35, M
Jan 13, 2013