Are You a Real Redhead?

I'm a redhead. When I was born, there was a mix-up at the hospital and my father was given a brown-haired baby to hold. Everyone was saying things like, "Oh, Johnnie, she looks just like you." Blah, blah, blah. Five minutes later, a nurse runs over to him and takes the baby away and brings back a redhaired baby. Needless to say everyone sat there in shock for a second. No one expected a girl, let alone a redhaired girl. I guess I fooled them! Ha.

Both my parents are brunettes but each had a redhaired grandparent. That's how I got red hair. I look like my paternal great grandfather.

When I was little, it was orange and when I lost my two front teeth I looked like a jack-o-lantern. Then as I got a little older it turned kind of burnt auburn. Now it's got some blonde in it. Strawberry blonde is what people like to say but that means a blonde with strawberry highlights. I am a blonde strawberry! :)

I have dyed my hair a few times. It always looked weird at first no matter how close to your own shade you get. Plus, red hair rejects hair color worse than any shade of hair. Then, if you have a scalp issue, like I do, forget keeping the color for long.

All in all though, I really like being a redhead. Even though people ask me sometimes, "Are you a REAL redhead?" or "Do you have a hot temper?" or stupid questions they wouldn't ask anyone else. I like being unique.

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I get the same sort of things asked, i find it quite funny myself LOL

I was born red too, and I still have it. Both of my parents are brunettes. I have to go all the way to second cousins and great aunts to find a redhead. I have blue eyes and freckles still. I thought they would fade when I grew up but they didn't. Luckily, my husband loves the redheads. He's a natural blonde himself. Our kids are going to be PALE!!!

I am the only one in my family with red hair, and it used to be bright orange when i was a little kid but im not that much older (13) and it looks red at the top and an auburn under it, I tried to dye it blonde but it just got a shade lighter. Lmao. I have really pale skin and a lot of freckles.. (My pop calls them kisses from the sun ;)<br />
I do get a lot of questions, yes i have a bad temper problem (Trust me 500% on that!) a really bad one and i have a hard passion. I'm also the tallest of my siblings except my brother... My sister is 16 but she's small.. but i got my red hair from my mum and dads side, a while back though, my mums great great grandmother had red hair and my dads great great grandfather had red hair. So i really have NO idea how i got this from so far back..<br />
I love being me, don't worry what people call you, they're jealous, and since this has been told to me so many times its stuck in my brain... And has anyone ever encountered a red head where their eye colours change? Mine do, it goes from bright blue when I'm happy, to storm gray when I'm angry, to green when I'm something else i haven't figured out..

I have Red hair, freckles, pale skin & green eyes. I totally got the scottish gene.

The two greatest lovers in my life were both red heads.<br />
<br />

You guys are making me blush! :)

how many of you true redheads have red pubic hair?

lol if i only had a nickel every time that was asked...i do :)

How true FSG, l couldn't possibly count the number of dirty looks l've gotten from partners over the years when a flash of flame makes my head snap around.<br />
Honestly, it doesn't even come close to being a conscious reaction.

I had a red-haired sister, and though she passed away, she is with me always. She lent me some of her feistiness when we passed into the spirit world.<br />
<br />
Here's an interesting fact - my sister was red-haired, my husband was red-haired - four kids between us, and not a red-head among them. Plenty of feistiness, though. :)

Luv your story, also a natural, when asked.... yep cuffs and collars match. lol thanks for your story. Luv, Ree

I do not have red hair but I do love it. I think it is so beautiful... I tried a couple of times, different shades each time but it does not look well on me, I am too dark for red hair :-(

i am a natural redhead too. i get a lot of dirty looks from women, and men are always nice.. its strange having red hair. thats neat that there was a mix up at the hospital. you never hear of that very often. thats something to be proud of i think.

I have to laugh. All in fun, I was going to ask you if you were feisty. My mother read Anne of Green Gables to me when I was young. When I think of read heads, I think of "Anne". I love her character. My daughter's boyfriend is a readhead.<br />
She always imagines herself with a little readheaded boy. This makes her happy to think about. lol.

Haha. Your story was very entertaining. Us redheads do get a lot of questions. hehe. Thanks for sharing!


wat a great story. yeah i have strawberry blonde hair too. but sometimes i'm so absent minded that people insist its blonde.

I tried to go blond the red stayed.

Hi! Thanks for your story. Mine is similar.

Yeah. :) I guess that's one way of looking at it. Thanks!

I think red is the hardest bottled color to get to look natural, you have what many want :-)