Now That I Love Losing It!

I hated my red hair growing up.  Was teased mercilessly for it.  "Do the drapes match the carpet?"  And those types of comments that left me totally confused as a very naive fifth and sixth grader.  I Came from a family of dark-skinned, easily-tanned, brunettes - and always felt a little left out. 

Now that I've learned to love it and it's a major part of my identiy... it's going white!

Isn't that life?

sunnyday sunnyday
31-35, F
4 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Oh I understand! mine didn't start fading until 5 years ago at 45. It is fading like a dying star!!! The irony of loathing that unusual brilliancy and then it fades, changes. Just remember we are always redheads in our hearts and mind.

Me too my fellow red. Fast too, but I think I would take white over bald.<br />
Beard and crotch still red? Go figure...

One thing redheads have to look forward to is white hair, not gray. But we also keep our color longer then brunettes!

Oh no..I feel for you. I would say you could try something to cover the white but then you wouldn't be a natural anymore. :-(