Sorry For Gate Crashing the Group But............

Aplogies for gate crashing as a non redhead but I just love Natural Redheads especially if they have freckles and are realy pale uuuuuuuuuummm gotta stop before this becomes a 18+ post
biggee biggee
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7 Responses Aug 17, 2007

Haha - wow. Red hair here, pasty white, freckles, hazel green eyes that change with my mood :P

LOL, you just described me!

Haha. I'm a red head with pale skin and freckles. Grey eyes though CTSwampYankee lol!

Nothing prettier than a redhead, then maybe a redhead with green eyes.

i have red hair and freckles! and I'm also very pale haha<br />
isn't it funny that the things i hate about myself other people could like!?

mmm.....sounds like you might have a crush on Pippi Longstockings. Yeah, I don't know too many natural redheads. I guess that is what makes them so unique.

H-m-mm- I wouldn't say that. I also love lil frecked face redhaired gewls.<br />