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i was a little boy when i was visited in a dream by hecate "the godess of witches and ghosts"...and she told me that i had the power to faintly see ghosts,and think of things and they happen, most of the time it is tv shows or things in my family, and by 10 i was practicing spells,and cursing the bullies in my school,and surprisingly,it worked.they stopped being mean,and realized that they werent half as great as they thought they were.and i made my own book of spells ,but my mom made me throw it away,but now i am doing witchcraft behind he scenes,only my best frends know about it,if you would like to know more,and read my experiences,you can go to my profile,wich is "15voodoodoll"           
                  p.s. hecate is now my favorite goddess along with gaia,i also see hecate as my heavenly mother
15voodoodoll 15voodoodoll
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hecate visited me for the first time last night. If I ever doubted before I can't now!

She is also the most formidable. She means business. Always be sure of your motivation before invoking her power because if your motives are impure she will not only punish those you were going after but you will be punished as well. Always remember the Rule of Three and that one must not interfere with the free will of another. Binding spells are for the good of all and prevent them from hurting themselves or others. Banishment spells to remove someone from your life and path because their bear ill intent towards you and your loved ones. Mirror spell to throw someone's evil back at them which is what I would have used on the bullies at school......LOL..........So that means Hecate and Gaia are your patron goddesses.....good choices. Just means you need to tread carefully.